'Outstanding Achievement in Profession' Award to Yapı Merkezi Holding Chairman Arıoğlu

Outstanding Achievement in Profession Award to Arioglu, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Yapı Merkezi Holding
'Outstanding Achievement in Profession' Award to Yapı Merkezi Holding Chairman Arıoğlu

Making the opening speech of the I-Bridge / 5th Istanbul Bridge Conference held today, Yapı Merkezi Holding Chairman of the Board Dr. Ersin Arıoğlu was deemed worthy of the "Outstanding Achievement in the Profession" award by the Turkish Bridge Construction Society.

Ersin Arıoğlu, who has been appreciated in Turkey and abroad throughout his business life and has accomplished successful works, stated that he was honored to receive this award and said, "The work I have done in my professional life, which has lasted half a century, has been appreciated and rewarded from time to time by domestic and international organizations. The value of a received award is determined by the values ​​of those who appreciate the award and share the similar award, if any, rather than the recipient. From both perspectives, I am aware of the fact that I have been deemed worthy of a precious and special award today, and I am happy.”

This award, which was given to Ali Terzibaşoğlu for his important contributions to the sector in our country as the Turkish Bridge Construction Society for the first time in 2013, was given to Ersin Arıoğlu for the second time for his important contributions to the bridge and construction sector.

Arıoğlu at the conference; “When we examine the development of bridges from a historical perspective, we see that our bridgework develops in parallel with our civilization. Bridges have a clear function: to connect spans, to suspend a physical barrier, and to carry the traffic on them throughout the designed bridge-life without vulnerability. With these characters, bridges are pure carrier systems. However, bridges are not just carriers with certain structural and spatial properties. They serve an equally important, secondary purpose: They often witness history and convey a message from generation to generation about the construction methods, technologies, material resources, and understandings of beauty of the era in which they were built. Master engineers know very well the limits of their experience, which has a learning curve. Making experience speak is the craft side of engineering. Making the experience speak by leaning on science and aesthetics and getting productive results is the artistic dimension of bridge engineering.

Engineers are adept at setting goals and achieving their goals within tolerance. They make everything measurable, measure and line up. They use scarce resources efficiently. With these special abilities, they succeed in creating economic wealth by constantly raising the welfare of societies. In summary; engineers tinker, question and construct "civilization" and "its systems".

In fact, problems, obstacles and bridges are 'everywhere' in our lives… Every new 'engineering idea' is a bridge, between 'imagination and reality'; every 'smile' is a bridge, between 'two hearts'; every 'human' is a bridge between 'generations'... I believe that overcoming the 'physical', 'economic' and 'political' obstacles in life by building bridges without hesitation will create a much 'more beautiful', 'prosperous' and 'peaceful' world. ” He expressed his feelings and thoughts about bridges and engineering.

Günceleme: 22/08/2022 16:37

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