Ordu Is Ambitious In Marine Tourism

Ordu is Ambitious in Marine Tourism
Ordu Is Ambitious In Marine Tourism

Turning Ordu into a maritime city with his works on maritime activities, the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler welcomed the members of the Amateur Sailors' Association (DADD RALLİ), who anchored in Ordu within the scope of the Black Sea tour. Thanking them for the interest shown, DADD RALLİ Commodore and Planner İsmail Zühtü Tümer said, “The Mayor of Ordu, Dr. With the support of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, we come here with pleasure. I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for maritime activities.”

In order to open the Black Sea to world sailing tourism and to explore the natural and touristic beauties of the region, 4 sailing yachts, 21 of which are foreign, and 45 amateur sailors came to Ordu and anchored in Kumbaşı Port. Yachts, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Mehmet Hilmi Güler was greeted by the Metropolitan Municipality City Orchestra.


Stating that their aim is to make the city more familiar with the sea, Mayor Güler said that he is extremely pleased that Dadd Rally members are in Ordu.

President Güler gave the following words in his speech:

“Our Ordu is experiencing one of its extraordinary days today. Dadd Rally members honored our Ordu with 21 boats and 45 crew. We greeted them with our band. We sang the folk songs of our Ordu together. We also have guests from different countries. Our aim is to make Ordu, which is already a coastal city, more familiar with the sea. We thank them for giving us such a wonderful opportunity. We are very happy to host them. We will present the beauty of our Ordu and show its hospitality. In this way, Ordu will show everyone that it is a city that breaks its shell in terms of urbanism, sports and tourism.”


Stating that they wholeheartedly support the maritime activities carried out by President Güler in Ordu, the Planner and Commodore of Dadd Rally Black Sea 2022, İsmail Zühtü Tümer, stated that they came to Ordu with pleasure due to the interest shown to them.

Dadd Rally Planner and Commodore Tümer said:

“I wholeheartedly support the efforts of the Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for maritime activities. We have been in contact with our President since 2018. He always supports us. We come to Ordu with great pleasure. In terms of municipalities, we cannot find the same support everywhere. The support we see here makes us happy. We need to do things that will pave the way for sailing and yacht tourism in the Black Sea. The support shown to us by the Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality shows that we agree on the same issue.”

Dadd Rally members, who will stay in Ordu for 5 days, will have the opportunity to watch the geography of the city from the sea, as well as visit historical and touristic places.

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