Infrastructure Work on Batıkent Sincan Metro Line Continues Quickly

Infrastructure Work on Batikent Sincan Metro Line Continues Suspiciously
Infrastructure Work on Batıkent Sincan Metro Line Continues Quickly

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate continues the ground leveling works of the line between Ankara Metro Batıkent-Sincan Line (M3) Istanbul Road and Botanic Stations. EGO General Directorate, which determined that unsuitable materials were used in the construction of the line and took action quickly, plans to finish the works that started on 10 August 2022 on Saturday, 10 September.

EGO General Directorate, which has determined that unsuitable materials were used in the construction of the line between Istanbul Road and Botanic Stations, which is the continuation of the Kızılay-Batikent Metro and completed by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure, continues its work, which started on August 10, 2022.

While the situation that emerged as a result of the examination and survey is also supported by the drilling work and the reports of the academicians, EGO General Directorate, which takes into account the opinions and suggestions of the academicians, will change the infrastructure of the 129-meter section of the line, which was filled incorrectly.


EGO General Manager Nihat Alkaş stated that they took action after the train speed limit was reduced to 5 km/h for passenger safety after the drilling work and the reports of the academicians revealed the problem on the ground.

“Three months after it was put into operation, deterioration started in the section of the line between Istanbul Yolu and Botanik stations, and horizontal and vertical displacements occurred on the rails. It has been determined by the drilling work report we have done in 2020 that the material used here is a material that should not be used in the railway infrastructure, namely clay. This problem has also been confirmed in the report prepared by a distinguished professor from METU in 2022, following his technical examination. The average speed limit of 40 km determined during the construction was reduced to 10 km/h due to the problems detected in this part of the line and due to safety. In addition, in February this year, a serious security weakness occurred due to the breaking of the scissor hub in the same region, and as a result, the train speed was reduced to 5 km/h.

Examining the ground correction work in the field, Alkaş continued his words as follows:

“As a result of this problem, our citizens have no opportunity to travel safely and comfortably. Our organization preferred a permanent solution instead of a temporary solution and as of 10 August 2022, ground leveling works for the line were started. The clay filling of the region will be emptied by excavations varying between 60 and 69 meters in two separate areas of 4 and 10 meters in which the ground leveling work is carried out, and rock and concrete filling will be put in its place. Within the framework of the work program, the works continue as planned in three shifts on a 24-hour basis. Administrative and technical personnel of our organization also follow the process in the field, at the beginning of the work.”


Stating that the possible risk of accident will be eliminated and safety will be ensured with the completion of the works, Alkaş also gave the following information:

“We anticipate completing the work on the scheduled date, that is, before the schools open. With the completion of the works, the possible accident risk will be eliminated and safety will be ensured. In addition, the metro speed, which causes constant complaints in this region, will increase to the project speed, ie 40 km/h, for the first time since the year it was opened, and thus our citizens will have the opportunity to travel comfortably without interruption. During the study, every precaution has been taken to ensure that our citizens do not suffer in transportation. On the line between Batıkent and Eryaman 1-2 Metro Stations, between 06.00-09.30 in the morning peak hours, a total of 5 articulated vehicles at 55-minute intervals, 09.30 articulated vehicles at 15.30-minute intervals between 7-30, and a total of 15.30 articulated vehicles with 19.30-minute intervals between 5-55. . Service is provided at 19.30-minute intervals between 23.00-9, and at 23.00-minute intervals from 01.35 to 15. I would also like to thank our citizens for their understanding and support during this time.”

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