Material Seized for Terrorist Organization in Eren Blockade-29 Operation

Large Amount of Materials Belonging to Terrorist Organization Seized in Eren Blockade Operation
A large amount of material belonging to the terrorist organization was seized in the Eren Blockade-29 Operation

Within the scope of the Eren Blockade-29 operation, within 3 shelters and caves identified by the Hakkari Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the rural area of ​​Çukurca;

  • 1 AT-4 missile,
  • 2 Bixi machine guns,
  • 2 sniper rifle,
  • 3 Kalashnikov rifles,
  • 1 M4 rifle,
  • 1 RPG-7 Rocket Launcher,
  • 1 gun with silencer,
  • 1 hunting rifles,
  • 37 rocket ammunition,
  • 60 grenades,
  • 1 mortar ammunition,
  • 12000 pieces of ammunition in various diameters,
  • 2 kg of C4 explosive,
  • 17 electrical remote control circuits,
  • 1 sniper rifle scope,
  • 20 infantry rifle magazines,
  • 5 solar chargers and panels,
  • A large amount of detonators, fuses, batteries and accumulators used in the construction of IEDs, as well as various food, life, clothing, medical and construction materials were seized and safely destroyed.

Operations continue in the region.

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