Istanbulkart is now Private! How to Personalize Istanbulkart?

How to Personalize Istanbulkart Now Personally Private Istanbulkart
Istanbulkart is now Private! How to Personalize Istanbulkart

Istanbulkart personalization period begins. Istanbulites will now be able to make their anonymous cards 'private' for themselves. Thus, in case of loss of the card used in many markets and stores, the balance will be protected. In addition, those who personalize their card will be able to take advantage of the campaigns of many affiliates of IMM, especially transportation. The deadline for 'Personalization', which can be done through the Istanbulkart Mobile application, will be 31 December 2022. Istanbulkart will need to be personalized in order to benefit from free usage rights and many campaigns on national and religious holidays. As of October 29, Republic Day, only personalized card holders will be able to benefit from the free pass offered on special days.

Istanbulkart has been used in non-transportation areas since 2019, with the vision of the 'City Life Card'. Having 22 million active users in total, Istanbulkart's ability to shop in many places has increased the balance on the card. For this reason, IMM, which wants to make Istanbulkart personal, is going to a new arrangement in Istanbulkart. Acting with the motto "Istanbulkart is now special for you", İBB will also make anonymous cards personal. In this way, IMM, which secures the balance of the citizen, will also make the citizens benefit from many campaigns.


In order to benefit from the application, which is made free of charge on religious and national holidays by IMM's UKOME decision, Istanbulkart must now be personalized. With this application, after the New Year, tourists and foreign users will no longer be able to use free transportation on national and religious holidays.


There are more than one different card model available in Istanbulkart. Among the personalized cards; There are Discounted Istanbulkart, Free card, Blue Card, Social Support Cards, Personnel (PDKS) card, Digital Istanbulkart. However, non-personalized cards called 'Anonymous Cards', which do not write a name on it and are not defined for the user, must also be personalized until 31 December 2022. Stating that non-personalized cards cannot be used, BELBİM AŞ. General Manager Nihat Narin said, “Now, each of the Istanbulkarts will be personalized. In this way, we will protect users' balances. What do you do when you lose your credit card? You immediately call the bank and block it. Now, when you experience such an event, you can easily call 153 and secure your balance there.” said.

Pointing out that personalization is necessary not only for balance protection but also for taking advantage of special offers, Nihat Narin said, “If you personalize your card, you can get free transportation on special days. You can take advantage of some of our campaigns, such as going to beaches and museums. For example, 9 pay 10 late… For example, this is also a benefit, or when you go to a coffee shop and add money to the mobile application of that coffee shop from Istanbulkart, you can benefit from some campaigns such as getting a free coffee.” said.


In order to customize Istanbulkart, the following steps must be followed. By logging into Istanbulkart Mobile, following the directions in the Add card field from the home page, or by filling in the required information. Or by filling in the required information. Users who do not want to use the application or the internet can personalize their cards by calling 153.


Personalizing the Istanbulkart has many benefits besides providing balance security. It is possible to list a few of them as follows:

As of October 29, only personalized card holders will be able to benefit from the free pass offered on special days. If the cards purchased after July 18 are personalized, 7,67 lira will be refunded after the first pass payment.

With the campaign that will start on September 1, users who have not done their grocery shopping with Istanbulkart before, will be refunded 150 liras for their 30 TL grocery shopping. Users who customize their Istanbulkart purchased after July 18 will be refunded the first pass. Users who load 50 TL to their Starbucks Mobile account with their Istanbulkart will receive 10 TL cashback. 10 percent of the amount paid by users who pay with their special Istanbulkart at Beltur will be refunded.


With Istanbulkart, 2,5 million non-transport transactions have been made by 19 million Istanbul residents to date. 12 million of non-transport payments were made in markets. Non-transportation payment transactions increased 2,5 times compared to last year. More than one million transactions were made with NFC in Istanbulkart and Getir and Starbucks applications.

Chain markets, cafes-restaurants, all stores and fuel stations where İşbank POS passes, online shopping sites, İSPARK, vending machines and Halk Groceries.


Cards can be personalized from Istanbulkart Mobil, and all transportation payments can be paid with a QR code. In addition, the Istanbulkart Mobile application, which has features such as balance inquiry, loading TL/subscription to Istanbulkart, and defining instructions with NFC, has 3 million active users. Istanbulkart Mobil has been downloaded 8 million times. While 57 percent are men and 43 percent women, 30 percent of the users of Istanbulkart Mobil are between the ages of 18-24; 29 percent are between the ages of 25-34. With the 'Load Full TL' feature, Istanbulkart Mobile enables you to receive a Digital Balance (cash support) without interest or at an affordable interest rate. To date, 22 million Istanbul residents have benefited from the Digital Balance campaign.

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