How Do We Know We're Addicted to Sweets?

How Do We Know We're Addicted to Desserts?
How Do We Know We're Addicted to Sweets?

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül made important statements to those who are addicted to sweets but are not aware of it. Dr. Özgönül said, "If you do not like to drink water, if the taste of water is bitter to you or if you add sugar while drinking tea and coffee, be careful, you may be addicted to sweets."

Dr. Fevzi Özgönül said, 'Dessert addiction is actually more dangerous than cigarette, alcohol or substance addiction and causes us to get sick more, but we don't even realize that we are sweet addicts.'

While there are so many associations struggling with cigarette, alcohol and substance addictions, sweet addiction seems like a joke to people and it is considered as mischievous children and is not given any importance. In fact, this addiction is fueled by insistence. Even insistence can be made. Put aside alcohol and substance addiction, even in cigarette addiction, we are trying to save the person from this habit, we are fueling the fire in sweet addiction. They can continue this addiction anywhere, in any environment, without anyone noticing. However, the person himself may notice this addiction and want to take precautions.

How do we know that we are addicted to sweets?

1- If you always add sugar while drinking tea and coffee

2- If you usually choose your drinks from sugary drinks

3- If there is a sweet craving after meals

4- If you want to eat something while drinking tea or coffee

5- If you have frequent headaches and your headache goes away when you eat something sweet

6- If you are not satisfied without bread, pasta or rice

7- If you have a sweet snack in your basket during your grocery shopping,

8- If you notice patisseries or bakery shops on the way

9- If you have a sweet snack at home or at work

10- If you open the refrigerator at night and eat a piece of dessert

11- If you don't like to drink water at all, if the water tastes bitter to you

12- If you rarely eat granulated sugar or cube sugar alone;

Be careful, it means you have a sweet addiction.

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