Has University Registration Started? What are the Documents Required for University Registration?

University Registration Has Started What Are the Documents Required for University Registration
Have University Registrations Started? What are the Documents Required for University Registration?

Candidates entering the YKS are eagerly awaiting the date when their university registration will begin. When does the University registrations start? What documents are required for university registration? How long will the e-registration last?

Candidates who are entitled to enroll in a program as a result of 2022-YKS placements are eagerly awaiting their university registration. Candidates who make a choice with the score they get from the YKS exam will make the university registration process according to the results of their choice.


The registration procedures of the candidates who are entitled to enroll in a program according to the YKS results will be made between 22-26 August 2022. Electronic records will be made between 22-24 August 2022. Candidates who have the right to register must apply to the relevant universities within the registration period by completing the following documents for registration. Candidates who do not apply for registration or complete the registration process within this period will lose their registration rights. Candidates who register electronically will take action according to the documents announced by their university and the date.


– The original or certified copy of the diploma from the secondary education institution from which the candidate graduated, or a newly dated graduation certificate

- If it is determined that the student is registered in another higher education institution in the YÖKSİS database in the registration process of higher education institutions, if he does not enroll in a formal program at the same level, this information will be confirmed from the higher education institution where he was registered before, by registering without the original of the secondary education diploma.

– If the candidate is placed using additional points, but the field is not specified in his diploma or graduation certificate, the official document showing which school and field he graduated from (The name of the center that issued the diploma is written as the name of the school in the diplomas of those who graduated from METEM programs.)

- If requested by higher education institutions, 12 photographs of 4,5 cm x 6 cm

– Document regarding payment of tuition fee/tuition fee

– Originals or university-approved copies of other documents determined before registration and announced by the university. http://kamu.turkiye.gov.tr can be viewed on the internet.

-Candidates should apply to the military branches for their problems related to military service, and to the university rectors or the General Directorate of Credits and Dormitories for detailed information on loans.

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