Early Intervention is Important in the Treatment of Gait and Posture Disorders

Early Intervention is Important in the Treatment of Walking and Posture Disorders
Early Intervention is Important in the Treatment of Gait and Posture Disorders

Gait and posture disorders, which are common today, can be treated with early intervention and simple exercises under the supervision of a specialist physician.

Bodrum American Hospital Orthopedics and Traumatology Specialist Dr. Muaffak Bağdatlı stated that people want to reflect their self-confidence with their posture or gait, and that the treatment process should be organized under the supervision of a specialist physician.

Giving information about gait and posture disorders, Dr. Muaffak Bağdatlı, “Gait and posture disorders are a condition that occurs when various parts of the standing and walking nervous system work together and normally. Gait disorder is when this action is performed abnormally or out of control. This condition can be congenital, or it can be an acquired condition. Problems with walking can affect the muscle, bone and nerve structures of the legs over time. Walking requires balance-muscle coordination. Problems in any or more of the components that make up the gait pattern lead to gait disturbance. Posture disorder is usually caused by personal habits. Potential posture disorder is natural in people who work and spend time at a desk for a long time. In addition, being overweight, sitting in the wrong way and sleeping in the wrong positions are also among the causes of posture disorders.


Noting that gait disturbance can be seen in the form of attacks or for a long time, Dr. “The gait disorder has physical and psychological consequences. It should not be too late to see a doctor in gait disorders that easily cause other ailments. Gait disturbance is first due to hereditary reasons, then to personal reasons. The ideal shoes should be chosen according to the foot shape and size. Gait disorder is also a balance problem in a way. Thyroid and ear disorders can cause balance problems, and physical disabilities below the waist can cause gait disturbance. The height difference between the legs can occur for many reasons.


Drawing attention to the importance of early intervention in treatment, Dr. Muaffak Bağdatlı continued: It is possible to prevent gait and posture disorders with simple exercises and early interventions. Childhood and adolescence is a very valuable period for the prevention of posture and gait disorders. Posture disorders can be corrected by turning correct posture and walking into a habit with regular exercises.

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