Contractors Undertaking Major Projects Abroad Awarded

Contractors Undertaking Major Projects Abroad Rewarded
Contractors Undertaking Major Projects Abroad Awarded

The International Contracting Services Award Ceremony was held on August 24, 2022 at the Ankara Sheraton Hotel, hosted by the Turkish Contractors Association (TMB). 54 organizations, including Yapı Merkezi and Tekfen Engineering, members of the Turkish Structural Steel Association, received awards.

Turkish contractors, who have introduced the success of the construction industry to the whole world with the projects they have undertaken in 131 countries to date, were awarded by the Turkish Contractors Association. 2020 Turkish contracting companies included in the "World's Top 2021 International Contractors" lists for 250 and 48, and 225 Turkish technical consultants included in the "World's Top 6 International Technical Consultants" lists of Engineering News Record (ENR), which is closely followed globally. At the ceremony held for the consultancy firm, company representatives received their awards from President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan. Vice President Fuat Oktay, Minister of Trade Mehmet Muş, Minister of Treasury and Finance Nureddin Nebati and Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu also attended the ceremony.

“The Sector's Success Continued Despite the Global Crisis”

Speaking at the opening of the ceremony, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan stated that he personally follows the works of Turkish contractors and technical consultants all over the world, and that he is pleased that the companies continue to represent Turkey successfully, despite the fact that the contracting sector is one of the areas most affected by the global economic crisis. On the other hand, Erdogan said that the share received from international contracting revenues is not yet at the desired level, however, the potential of our country, the strength of our companies and the capabilities of our people allow it to progress in this field as well. told.

President Erdoğan stated that the increase in material prices and the increase in labor costs caused by the global crisis caused difficulties, but how inadequate and old infrastructures of developed countries emerged during the epidemic period; sees this as a harbinger of huge investments to be made in the future; He stated that the fact that transportation, housing and energy are the first in international infrastructure investments is an important advantage for Turkey considering its experience in these fields.

Pointing out that the size of international contracting services is predicted to rise to the level of 2030 billion USD in the 750s, Erdoğan said, “We must jointly aim to increase our country's share of this great pie to 10%, that is, to 75 billion USD, in the first place. I believe that we should set this target as at least 2053% in our 15 vision. We will continue to support international contracting services with all our means, which have numerous benefits in many fields, from foreign exchange to employment, from technology transfer to the development of the machinery park.”

President Erdoğan stated that solving the problems in front of the employment of more Turkish workers abroad is on the agenda of the sector, with the following words: “It has just been stated, especially regarding the problems of workers abroad, that some law firms are trying to swindle them, as if they were supposed to take their rights and return them. At the point of their efforts to offer them opportunities, I am telling my other ministers, especially my Vice President Fuat Bey, that we will take this step without delay by making the legal regulation in the new term of the Parliament. Another issue is the tax point… Our Minister of Treasury and Finance is here, and regarding this issue, there is no such thing as waiting for our Minister of Treasury and Finance to open the Parliament for him without any delay, it is out of the question for him to take a step before the Ministry and our Ministry ensures that it comes out. must. Pointing out that their confidence in the future increases when they see that second and next generations take responsibility in many well-established companies, Erdoğan also shared his belief that with the efforts of the young people, Turkey will be represented by many more companies in the list of the world's largest international contractors in the near future.

“Turkish Contractors Now a World Brand”

TMB President M. Erdal Eren, in his speech, stated that, within the scope of the overseas activities of the sector, which started in 1972, he made a great leap forward in the 2000s and undertook projects with “star and crescent helmets” in almost every country and said, “Our companies range from highways and airports to congress centers, from rail systems to industrial facilities. It has become a brand in the world with the various projects they have implemented.”

Pointing to the importance of the technical consultancy sector for projects with high added value and increasing exports within the scope of overseas contracting services, President Eren expressed the importance of strengthening the sector with the supports provided by the Ministry of Commerce. Eren also plays a role not only as a contractor, but also as an investor and operator in tourism, energy, health, transportation and airline projects in many countries of the sector, within the scope of his experience in Public-Private Partnership and Build-Operate-Transfer projects that have been effectively implemented in our country in recent years. He said he got it.

Award Winning Contracting and Technical Consultancy Firms

Contractors Undertaking Major Projects Abroad Rewarded

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