Applications for Mersin Metropolitan Student Dormitories Start

Applications for Mersin Buyuksehir Student Dormitories Start
Applications for Mersin Metropolitan Student Dormitories Start

Applications for the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality's Girls' Dormitory and Guesthouse in Gülnar and the boys' dormitory, which will serve this year in the Center, start on 29 August. The deadline for dormitories where applications are received online via and Teksin is September 12. Detailed information for dormitory applications can be obtained from Alo 185 Teksin.

“Applications are between 29 August – 12 September”

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Gülnar Higher Education Girls' Dormitory Supervisor Arife Çelik stated that they help students with their accommodation problem with dormitory services and said, “Gulnar Girls' Dormitory and Gülnar Guesthouse, which serve under the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Social Services Department, continue to serve this year as well. it will. In addition, our 120-bed male student dormitory located in the center of Mersin will start accepting students this year.”

Çelik shared the application details for the dormitories in Gülnar and Mersin Center and said, “Our applications will be made online between 29 August and 12 September on the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality website and the Teksin application. After the applications are completed, the necessary examinations will be made and the students whose dormitory applications are approved will be contacted for the delivery of documents.

There is no accommodation problem for students in Gülnar this year either.

Metropolitan Municipality dormitory and guesthouse built on the Mersin University Mustafa Baysan Vocational School campus in Gülnar; It has a total capacity of 68 students, 40 girls and 108 boys. Country; It hosts both university preparatory students living in the countryside of Gülnar and young people from outside the city who come to Gülnar for university education.

The dormitory in the center will open in October

Another dormitory of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality is located in İhsaniye District of the central district of the Mediterranean. The Metropolitan Municipality, which has transformed the former Medical Faculty Hospital into a well-equipped guesthouse where university students can stay, has started to receive applications for this guesthouse as well.

In the men's dormitory with a capacity of 120 people, the rooms are arranged as 3 and 4 people. The dormitory, which has 1 barrier-free rooms for 5 person, will be opened in October, suitable for the use of individuals with special needs.

Documents required for Dormitory Application;

1- YKS Placement Result document

2- Student certificate

3- Judicial Registry Document

4- Parent's income certificate (for the last 6 months with e-government barcode)

5- Disability Report for students with disabilities (Disabled report received from a full-fledged hospital for students declaring that they are students with disabilities)

6- Martyrdom or Veteran Certificate for the children of Martyrs and Veterans

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