Antalya, the last stop of 2022 Sky Observation Activities

Antalya, the last stop of the annual Gokyuzu Observation Activities
Antalya, the last stop of 2022 Sky Observation Activities

The final of the Sky Observation Events, where TÜBİTAK brings together sky enthusiasts of all ages, is held in Antalya Saklıkent. Astronomy enthusiasts will come together at the event that will take place on August 18-21 at the TUBITAK National Observatory (TUG), Turkey's largest active observatory and equipped with the most equipped telescopes.

The Sky Observation Event, which was organized for the first time in Antalya Saklıkent in 1998 by Bilim Teknik Magazine, was organized this year by the Ministries of Industry and Technology, Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism, Antalya Governorship, Akdeniz University, Kepez Municipality and the Turkish Tourism Promotion and Development Agency. (TGA) with the contribution of TÜBİTAK. Astronomy enthusiasts will have the opportunity to examine the sky in the company of experts with Turkey's largest telescope that can be examined visually in Saklıkent, at an altitude of 2 meters.

The opening of the event on August 18 was attended by the Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, as well as Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı, TÜBİTAK President Prof. Dr. Hasan Mandal, Kepez Mayor Hakan Tütüncü, representatives of contributing institutions and guests.

Astronomy enthusiasts showed great interest in the Antalya Observation Event, which aims to increase the interest of young people in space with the vision of the National Space Program. Among the 3 people who applied to the event from all over Turkey, 500 people were chosen by lottery. While it is noteworthy that most of the applicants are between the ages of 750-20, the interest of families and women in sky observation activities continued in Antalya as well. The youngest of the applicants was 40 year old and the oldest 1 years old. While Antalya, Istanbul, Ankara, Diyarbakir, Konya and Izmir provinces stood out in the list of applications, applications were made from 72 provinces in total to participate in the event.

Astronomy enthusiasts who will participate in the event will also set up their tents and observe the sky with a telescope and naked eyes. The event, which was invited by Kepez Municipality with the slogan "Take your tent and come," after the 19th, will be open to the public after the second day. During the event, which will be attended by astronomy enthusiasts from all ages, seminars, competitions and many astronomy-related activities will be organized.

During the observation event, different activities such as various workshops, observations with telescopes and experiments will be held in the open area day and night. Participants will be able to attend these events with their observation equipment such as cameras, telescopes, cameras and laptops.

Starting on July 14th and continuing until September 1st, meteorite or meteor showers, known as 'starfall' among the public, as well as the Perseid (Perse) meteor shower, will be more easily observed in high-altitude areas where light pollution is less due to coinciding with the summer season. .

Under the leadership of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the observation activities that spread to different cities of Anatolia and bring together sky enthusiasts of all ages come to an end in Antalya. The sky observation events held in Diyarbakır, Van and Erzurum this year will make the final for the year 18 with the last event held in Antalya on August 21-2022.

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