900-Year-Old Wooden Bridge Collapsed In Fire In China

Annual Wood Bridge in Cinde Burned Out in the Fire
900-Year-Old Wooden Bridge Collapsed In Fire In China

The 900-year-old historical Wan'an Bridge in Fucien province of China was turned to ashes in a fire.

During the Song Dynasty, a fire broke out on an arched bridge made of stone and wood in the Pingnan district of what is now Fucien, according to the Global Times, a publication of the Chinese Communist Party.

The body of the 900-year-old bridge collapsed in the first 20 minutes of the fire. There was no loss of life in the fire, which was extinguished after about 10 hours of work. Meanwhile, an investigation was launched into the cause of the fire.

Experts in the field of historical architecture in China, in their statement, stated that they did not think it was possible that the fire could have started due to natural causes. Experts stressed that a fire on a bridge over the water is a rare event.

Pointing out that the fire may have been started by human hands, experts said it is important to protect historical wooden structures.
Also known as the "Universal Peace Bridge", Wan'an is the "longest wood-stone bridge in the country" with a length of more than 98 meters.
There was a fire on the bridge before and the damaged parts were restored.

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