5th International Istanbul Bridge Conference Started

International Istanbul Kopru Conference Started
5th International Istanbul Bridge Conference Started

The 5th International Istanbul Bridge Conference, organized by the Turkish Bridge and Construction Society, of which the General Directorate of Highways is among its founding members, started on Monday, 22 August.

Making the opening speech of the conference, Deputy General Manager of Highways Selahattin Bayramçavuş said, “The use of advanced technology in bridge construction, the latest innovations, developments in bridge construction, and examination of different applications in the world on the maintenance, operation and financing of bridges, and ensuring the exchange of information between countries, make the sector a better place than it is today. Organizations such as conferences and fairs that bring said.

“Bridges are a benchmark that shows the point of technology and engineering”

Bayramçavuş stated that the bridges, which have significantly increased the transportation standard today, are a criterion that shows the point of social development, technology and engineering; “There is even a great competition between countries on this issue. Bridges, as well as the comfort of travel, are the guarantee of delivering the producer to the raw material and the product to the buyers with the shortest and most affordable costs.” used his statements.

“We can say that the bridge constructions have reached the top with the great development move made in the last 20 years”

Bayramçavuş stated that the investments that gained momentum with the establishment of the Highways Organization, and especially the bridge constructions, reached their peak with the great development move carried out in the last 20 years.

“Great works have been brought to our country”

Noting that with the split road move that started at the end of 2002, a total of 350 kilometers of divided highways, of which 22 kilometers are highways, and bridge construction, Bayramçavuş pointed out that important experiences were revealed in the construction of bridges. The construction works of the bridge are continuing. In our bridge repair works, 609 bridges have been repaired in the last 731 years, and maintenance, repair and strengthening works are carried out on an average of 9.610 bridges every year.” said.

Drawing attention to the important projects that have been implemented recently, Bayramçavuş said, "In the last few years, only technological bridges such as Nissibi Bridge, Ağın Bridge, Kömürhan Bridge, Hasankeyf-2 Bridge, Tohma Bridge, Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge, Osmangazi Bridge, 1915 Çanakkale Bridge works have been brought to our country.” made a statement.

“We aim to leave a livable world to the future”

Stating that as an organization, they carry out road activities sensitive to people, nature and history and aim to leave a livable world for the future, Bayramçavuş said, “2 historical bridges built in many points of the unique Anatolian geography are in our inventory as the most important elements of the historical and cultural integrity extending from the past to the present. takes. While the restoration of 421 historical bridges has been completed, restoration work continues on 410 historical bridges.” he said.

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