3 Green Areas Opened in 40 Years in Ankara, the Capital of Green

Number of Green Areas Per Year in Ankara, Capital of Green, Opened to Service
3 Green Areas Opened in 40 Years in Ankara, the Capital of Green

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the "Green Capital" project, new recreation and park areas for the city. kazancontinues to climb. Green areas such as Çubuk 3 Dam Recreation Area, 1 August Zafer Park, Gazi Park, Skateboarding Park, Caravan Parks and Şule Çet Park, which were put into service in 30 years, host thousands of capitals every day. To date, 40 green areas and parks have been transferred to Ankara. kazanABB is also counting the days for the opening of new recreation areas.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality has brought Ankara new recreation and park areas to the city within the scope of the “Green Capital” project. kazancontinues to climb.

In 3 years, 1 green areas, parks and recreation areas such as Çubuk 30 Recreation Area, 40 August Zafer Park, Gazi Park, Skate Park have been transferred to Ankara. kazandıran Metropolitan Municipality is counting the days for the opening of new recreation areas.


Çubuk 1 Dam, the first reinforced concrete dam that Atatürk gave to the republic, has been completely renovated by Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and put into service. The area, which was idle for 27 years before the renovation and where judicial cases took place, is now full with its renovated environment, playgrounds, Atatürk House, bicycle paths, activity and recreation areas, greenhouse, sports field, magnificent nature and its new look that includes every shade of green, especially on weekends.

As a result of the extensive renovation work carried out in the 30 August Zafer Park, which was idle for many years and was only used by a certain family, citizens now enjoy the fresh air by participating in many activities, from sports to picnics, 7 days a week. The park and its surroundings located next to AŞTİ; It has a green area of ​​166 thousand square meters in total with bicycle paths, playgrounds and picnic areas.


The area of ​​approximately 62 thousand square meters, which has been idle for years on the Atatürk Forest Farm land, was made suitable for the heritage of Ata by the Metropolitan Municipality and was named Gazi Park. With its green areas, sports fields, children's playgrounds, freely roaming animals and BELPA cafeteria, Gazi Park welcomes thousands of capital city residents every weekend.

ABB, which has implemented many projects to encourage young people to participate in sports, also opened the first Skateboarding Park in the capital. kazannagged. Located in Çukurambar, the 3 square meter skate park consists of spectator stands and green areas, as well as tracks appealing to different age groups.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality immortalized the name of Şule Çet, who was a victim of femicide, by giving her name to the park she built in Çankaya Ahlatlıbel District. Established on an area of ​​43 thousand square meters, the park continues to host the people of Ankara in Ahlatlıbel.

The Metropolitan Municipality has implemented the 'Caravan Park' project in Kurtboğazı Dam and Blue Lake in order to spread the caravan tourism, which has increased interest recently, and to make the capital a frequent destination for caravans. The parks serve caravan lovers with parking lots, camping areas, clean water, electricity and social facilities.


Ankara Metropolitan Municipality also has many parks and recreation areas in Ankara, such as Etimesgut Gökay Street Park, Yenimahalle Ebrar Mosque Side Park, Çankaya Yıldızevler 737th Street Park, Yenimahalle Çakanlar Park, Mamak Kusunlar Mahallesi (39538 Island Side) Park and Söğütözü 2120. Street Park. to kazannagged.

Work continues at the BAKAP Agriculture Campus in Gölbaşı. On the campus, which is located in the Karaoğlan District and where fruit and vegetables are produced to be distributed to families in need, work is also being carried out for a giant recreation area of ​​100 acres, worthy of the 2th anniversary of the republic.

Batı Park Recreation Area, Göksu 2nd Stage Recreation Area, Alacaatlı Lavender Park, Lodumlu District Recreation Area and Karaköy Recreation Area While the work continues in the 2nd Stage, Bağdat Caddesi (Opposite Cemre Park) Recreation Area, Keçiören Ovacık Park, Beştepe Caddesi Park and The foundations of the Recreation Area and the Mamak Kusunlar ASKİ Memorial Park were laid.

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