Vespa, the Heart of the Aegean in Izmir

Vespa Heart of Aegean is in Izmir
Vespa Heart of Aegean is in Izmir

Celebrating its 75th anniversary last year, increasing its numbers every year and represented by Doğan Trend in Turkey, Vespa meets Vespa lovers at its new locations. Vespa took its place in its second location in Gaziemir to add color to the beautiful weather, beaches and colors of İzmir that can be reached in short distances. Offering a one-to-one solution to the increasing population and increasing demand for traffic and individual transportation in Izmir, Vespa will also accompany the people of Izmir with its pleasant journeys. In its new location opened in Izmir, Vespa reminds visitors once again that Vespa is the leading role of happy journeys with its special Italian designed showroom.

Vespa, which is represented by Doğan Trend Automotive, a subsidiary of Doğan Holding in Turkey, meets Vespa lovers at Doğan Trend Automobile Gaziemir. In the store, which offers Italian inspirations to its visitors with its specially designed showroom, Vespa brings its wide range of models together with its fans in Izmir. Expressing that Izmir is a very suitable city for pleasant journeys with Vespa with its beautiful weather, long coastline and sea shores that can be reached in a short distance, Emre Acar, Deputy General Manager of Motorcycle Operations of Doğan Trend Automotive, said, “As Vespa Turkey, we are growing and Izmir is a very suitable city. , is our second most important strategic location after Istanbul. On the other hand, the pleasant and colorful world of Vespa suits İzmir very well.” This new location in Gaziemir offers Izmir residents to experience models such as Primavera, GTS, Sprint, Sei Giorni and Elettrica, which it offers technology and iconic designs.

Aesthetic design meets technology

Creating designs and models that affect the whole world, Vespa produced Elettrica in 2018 by combining its technology with aesthetic design. This electric motorcycle of Vespa, produced entirely in its factory in Italy, was appreciated not only for its quiet and practical ride, but also for its aesthetic Vespa lines. Celebrating its 2021th anniversary in 75, Vespa launched its 75th anniversary special series in GTS and Primavera versions in this context. Collaborating with Dior last year, the brand is preparing to introduce Justin Bieber-designed Vespas to its fans in 2022.

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