Understand These Bingo Tricks And Fundamentals To Get Good At Bingo!

Understand These Bingo Tricks And Fundamentals To Get Good At Bingo!
Understand These Bingo Tricks And Fundamentals To Get Good At Bingo!


Bingo is a classic game that is loved and played by many. It’s a game where they call out numbers, typically either 75 or 90 numbers, and the first one to get a line as they call out these numbers is considered the winner. This means that a game of bingo will always have a guaranteed winner, and has a way higher chance of winning than many other games.

Though bingo is simple in principle, there are many things to know that can increase your chances of winning. Here, we will discuss some of the strategies that can be found in bingo and whether they will get you calling ‘bingo!’ faster. And after you’re done with this article, check out these good bingo brands!

Don’t rely on probability distributions

First, we think it’s important that we discuss this first. The idea of a probability distribution is that you can, with some degree of accuracy, predict which numbers are more likely to be called out. One popular probability distribution theory, created by L.H.C Tippet states that in a 75 ball game of bingo, numbers within the range of 1 to 18 and 58 to 75 are more likely to get called first. Additionally, another theory by Joseph Granville states that cards with a wide distribution of numbers ending in all digits from 0 to 9 will yield the highest return.

What both these theories get wrong is that they fail to account for the inherent randomness in the drawing of the balls. Tippet based his theory on past number distributions of bingo, which only really gives us an idea of what happened in those games, within that set of games only. The theory would very likely have an entirely new set of ‘ideal’ numbers should you continue to include more data sets, as the drawing of the numbers is arbitrary in the first place. Similarly, Granville’s theory doesn’t really account for the inherent randomization of drawing numbers from a bag or a dispenser. Additionally, there will almost definitely be variations in the way the person drawing the numbers would select them, too. The reason why gambling is still a thing in the first place is that there is no real way to significantly increase your chances of winning through such theories.

So rather than trying to predict which numbers are most likely to win, it’s better to focus on other ways to increase your chances of winning.

Get more cards

Anyone who’s played bingo for even a little bit or given it some thought would instantly know that getting more cards increases your chance of winning. After all, if you increase the overall amount of numbers that are available to you, you would definitely have a higher chance of winning. However, it is important to know how many cards you can handle. Sure, you could buy a large number of cards and have a larger chance of winning, but it doesn’t mean anything if you’re unable to keep track of all of them! Many experienced players advise that you start with one to six cards if you’re new to the game, as it is still within the number of cards that a new person can handle. You will want to develop your ability in scanning all your cards and numbers. A thing to take note of with the ‘get more cards’ approach is that the games will likely be shorter the more cards are in play.

Additionally, you should also opt to buy more cards at the beginning of the game if there is a discount offered. Most times, you could buy a set of five cards for cheaper than buying five cards individually. So buy-in early, as this means that you’ll spread the cost out even more as you play, giving you value for your money. This also means that when you buy in early, you also buy in cheaper.

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Shy away from crowds

Fewer people means longer games, yes. But that also means that there are more numbers to be called out and a higher chance of your numbers getting called out. However, smaller games often mean that the payout is lower than larger games. Try to find that sweet spot that balances the payout to the number of people in your favour.

Don’t place side bets

As the game goes on, you may be tempted to take side bets (also known as progressive bets). Side bets are placed on the outcome of your game. Though side bets are tempting to place, especially when you’re on a losing streak and just looking for a way to get a win, the chances you’d win a side bet are way lower than the actual game itself.

Join the conversation

If you’re playing bingo and there is an online chat room available for use, we highly recommend that you get on it. This is because the host of the game may offer promotions and special prizes through the chat room that are unavailable elsewhere, and you’d be missing out on them if you didn’t. You don’t have to be particularly active on it, either, if you’re not one to be social.

Know how many people are in the play

At some casinos, they may state on the outside how many people are in play in a bingo room. If you want to take advantage of a long game, you may want to pick rooms with fewer people inside. However, it is important to note that people may join as the game is ongoing, and that could result in you wanting to hop over to another room. It is important to not lose too much money room hopping, as you may not be able to make those losses back.


Bingo is a great game that offers quite a bit of fun while also being one of the gambling games that offer a higher chance of winning. There are also many different variations in how the numbers are called out and how many numbers are being called out, too! There is a skill curve to it too, as you begin to take on more and more cards, which offers a degree of progression that is exciting. The best way to increase your chances of winning is to prepare adequately before the game even starts.

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