Turkey is the 2nd Most Angry Country in the World

Turkey The World's Most Angry Country
Turkey is the 2nd Most Angry Country in the World

Üsküdar University NPİSTANBUL Brain Hospital Specialist Clinical Psychologist Çağrı Akyol Translation evaluated Turkey's position as the second most angry country in the world in a study and made recommendations to reduce anger.

48 percent of Turkish people are angry

In the latest study by the global research company Gallup, “Global Emotions”, Turkey is ranked as the second most angry country in the world after Lebanon, and Clinical Psychologist Çağrı Akyol Çeviri says, “49 percent of the people in Lebanon feel 'anxious'. while this rate was 48 percent in Turkey. According to the results, it was determined that almost half of the people were angry. In the results of the research on positive emotions, El Salvador took the first place with 82 points. So El Salvador was chosen as the most positive and happiest country.” said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Çağrı Akyol Döner said that many factors can explain why we are such a nervous country and continued his words as follows:

“We can say that the result obtained in the study is not utopian. Many reasons come to mind in connection with this result. However, if a country with a low income average like Cuba is not included in this ranking, the reason for this should not be explained only by economic factors. Of course, the decline in living conditions in such a short time, the fact that people cannot spare time for themselves and the fluctuations in the economy are very strong factors, but there must be other factors as well. The fact that the country is trying to adapt to one idea and suddenly trying to adapt to another starts a chaotic process in people. While it cannot deal with the process within itself, it also receives stimuli from outside, one after another. We can say that it is an expression rather than an economy. The dynamics of the society, living conditions and learned cultural responses are effective.

If there is danger, there is the idea that 'I'll throw the first punch' and this actually shows us that the person is dealing with anxiety in the wrong way. This is also a learned response. Here we are talking about inappropriate reaction and excessive expression of intense anger. Of course, anger is just an emotion like happiness, joy and fear. However, it should not be missed that there is a thought behind every emotion. The anger, which is fed by causing sudden outbursts from time to time and not being able to establish a cause-effect relationship, is now very intense and reduces the quality of life of the person and impairs his functionality. Individual; it cannot implement the stop, think and act mechanism and does not hold the brakes. One lurks like a bomb waiting to explode.” he said.

Specialist Clinical Psychologist Çağrı Akyol Çevirir said that traffic is the first thing that comes to mind when it comes to summer holidays and holidays, and concluded his words as follows:

“The first adjective with which the word traffic, which is accepted as a part of city life all over the world, is associated in our country is 'anger'. Negative emotions and thoughts, which cannot be conveyed, processed or even accepted in the routine, which is defined as timelessness when appropriate, and sometimes life struggle, accumulate in the inner world of the individual and reduce the level of tolerance. Not only for this process, but over a long period of time, I think that it will be beneficial for people to spare more time for themselves, develop their mechanisms to combat environmental stimuli, accept negative emotions as well as allow them to experience positive emotions, and direct their energies to more constructive things rather than destructive ones. It is necessary to remember that our priority is ourselves, and that if we are not well, we cannot be useful to our family or our close circle. How do we take a position in the face of stressors, how do we cope? We should think a little more and not hesitate to seek help from experts in this regard.”

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