'Sister' Coming to Museum Gazhane

'Brother is Coming to Muze Gazhane'
'Brother is Coming to Muze Gazhane'

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlutogether with Fatih Mayor Ergün Turan, to the cultural treasure of the city. kazanHe made investigations at the Yedikule Gazhanesi construction site, which will be İmamoğlu said, “We want to show the ambiance of Hasanpaşa, at least for the beginning, to Istanbulites before the end of this year,” said Turan, “Yedikule Gazhanesi is an old industrial building in the city. Now, our Metropolitan Municipality is reviving the project here," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğluto the cultural treasure of the city by IMM Heritage kazanHe made investigations at the Yedikule Gazhanesi construction site, which will be Fatih Mayor Mehmet Ergün Turan also accompanied İmamoğlu on the study tour. The two Presidents, who were informed about the progress of the works and the project from Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM, made their evaluations of 'Yedikule' at the construction site. Saying, “Each point of Istanbul is a different value, a different historical heritage,” İmamoğlu said, “We are the sons of a very rich city. Here are the industrial remains of the gas plant in Yedikule, which have survived to this day. To design this place in the most correct way on a ground where culture and art are predominant, which will both make you feel the importance given to that industrial history and contribute to today's use, and to present this place to our people. kazanWe want to go out," he said.


Expressing that they are in cooperation with Fatih Municipality on the restoration of Yedikule Dungeons and historical walls, İmamoğlu said:

“We want to make this region such a very special destination for Istanbul. Even our view; We have a desire to enable a tourist in Istanbul to visit this place with a few extra days. In this sense, our work continues. Besides, our commuter train that we used in the past is here. With the project initiated by the Ministry, its production continues with the logic of a nostalgia train. all this kazanAfter a few years, this area, which we have forgotten for a moment, used as some warehouses or necessities for a moment, will turn into a lively place where we meet with local and foreign tourists. We are currently working on an intensive gas station. There are some steps we need to take in itself, there are administrative processes. Everything is proceeding at a reasonable pace.”


Saying, “We want to show the ambiance of Hasanpaşa to Istanbulites, at least as a start, before the end of this year,” said İmamoğlu, “We are very hopeful with the sea connection, suburban train connection, the historical texture within itself and the transformation of industrial structures into culture and art. We are in one of the areas. I hope we will see the result together. The name is designed when the day comes. But the names that already make their name felt, give a more permanent and more owned feeling by our citizens. The name 'Yedikule' is also a historical name. Yedikule is a name we all feel and know very well. In the past, very valuable events were also held here. It has a club, a district, everything Yedikule is known for. In that sense, being called by their own names creates a more special environment.”


Fatih Mayor Turan also expressed his views, “As Mr. Mayor expressed, Yedikule Gasworks is an old industrial building in the city. Now our Metropolitan Municipality is putting the project on its feet here. We believe once again that the Gazhane project will settle in the city's memory as a social space. I have no doubt that it will be a new destination. Of course, in the same way, Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has a work on the walls starting from Yedikule. We have been working in Yedikule Dungeons for about two years. Hopefully, Yedikule Dungeon has started to take its place in the city's memory as a cultural venue for the last two years. This year we will have much more important activities. Now the Ministry of Transport is also commissioning the suburban line. On the one hand, the connection to the coast… Institutions protect this place in an integrated way. I believe that Yedikule will hopefully be a better place for the future. It will turn into a place that will be used by both the public and the tourists,” he said.


Imamoglu did not leave Fatih after the Yedikule Gazhanesi inspection tour. İmamoğlu, who visited the tradesmen on Kocamustafapaşa Hacı Kadın Street, listened to the problems of the citizens, mostly based on economic distress. İmamoğlu, who went to Karagümrük after Kocamustafapaşa, visited the district market established on Rendeciler Street in Hırka-i Şerif Mahallesi. Drinking the tea offered by the market tradesmen, İmamoğlu took photos with the citizens to whom he listened to their problems.

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