The Importance of Water Consumption in the Summer Period

The Importance of Water Consumption in the Summer Period
The Importance of Water Consumption in the Summer Period

Anadolu Health Center Nutrition and Diet Specialist Başak İnsel Aydın made recommendations to support water consumption in the summer period.

Nutrition and Diet Specialist Aydın made the following statements in his evaluation:

Lemonade and freshly squeezed juices can be consumed

“Homemade lemonade, buttermilk, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices can be used to increase fluid consumption during the summer period. Especially vegetable and fruit juices both in terms of vitamin-mineral and lost electrolyte balance. kazanIt is a good option for.

Mineral waters can be consumed. There is an important distinction here, mineral water and soda are different but often mixed products. For us, an aromaless and plain mineral water is important for the balance of this electrolyte lost by sweating.

Cold herbal and fruit teas can also be preferred. However, teas containing caffeine, such as green, white and black tea, fall outside this category. Since these beverages contain caffeine, they increase water excretion by causing a diuretic effect in the body. The same is true for coffee consumption. For this reason, it is one of the mistakes made to add the tea and coffee drunk while calculating the daily water consumption. On the contrary, an extra glass of water should be consumed for each glass of tea and coffee consumed.

In addition, the feeling of thirst should not be expected for water consumption. If drinking water is forgotten, various water reminders can be used, if its taste is not liked, it can be sweetened with fresh vegetables and fruits. “

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