Commandos in the 'Wolves' Battalion Returned from Syria

Commandos in Wolves Battalion Freeze From Syria
Commandos in the 'Wolves' Battalion Returned from Syria

The Commandos, who served in the Martyr Gendarmerie Sergeant Ahmet Kurt Battalion Command (Wolves), completed their 6-month mission in the Syrian city of Al Bab and returned to the Niksar district of Tokat.

The commandos returning from Al Bab were greeted with drums, horns and flowers at the battalion entrance. Prayers were prayed at the ceremony held in the battalion, which started with the singing of the National Anthem.

192 Commandos, who completed their duties and returned to the Battalion, later got together with their families and longed for them.

Niksar District Governor İlhami Doğan and Provincial Gendarmerie Commander Senior Colonel Bahri Bostancı also shared in the joy of the commandos.

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