TCDD Tasimacilik Announced 2022 Personnel Recruitment With KPSS 1/53!

To the attention of the candidates who settled in TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. with the Social Services Law!
TCDD Transportation Inc.

An announcement has been made about TCDD Tasimacilik A.Ş personnel recruitment. KPSS 2022/1 and 53 Public Personnel Recruitment documents have been announced.

Turkish State Railways has published an announcement about the personnel recruitment activity. With the TCDD Preference Guide, he stated that he would recruit personnel to meet the shortcomings in his body. Announcing that it will recruit 2022 public personnel to be employed within the scope of KPSS 1/53, TCDD announced a new announcement.

To the Attention of Candidates Relocating to the General Directorate of TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş with the 2022/1 KPSS Center Appointment!


1) 2 Certified Diploma Samples (If the original diploma is submitted, it will be sufficient for the diploma photocopy to be approved by the TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş.

2) 2 Discharge Certificate (For those who have completed their military service) or Military status certificate (Those who have postponed) (It can be obtained from the relevant institutions or e-government system.)

3 2 Sample Certificate of Identity (If the original of the identity card is submitted, it will be sufficient to approve the photocopy of the identity card by TCDD).

4) 2 YDS Result Documents (Those who have ABC-level YDS result document should bring a document as contract fees will be affected.)

5) 2 Service Documents (For those who have worked under any social security institution) (It can be obtained from the relevant institutions or e-government system.)

6) Address Declaration (It can be obtained from the relevant institutions or e-government system.)

7) Photo taken in the last 6 months (+ 6 for the Psychotechnical Examination Form of Wagon Technicians)

8) 2 Criminal Records (It can be obtained from the relevant institutions or e-government system.)

9) 2022/1 KPSS Placement Result Document

10) Candidate Personnel Information Form (The form in Annex-4 will be filled out completely and printed on a single page and signed.)

11) Health Board Report

For candidates appointed as Conductor, Officer, Engineer, Technician, Technician; Health Board Report signed by at least 5 doctors who are experts in their fields to be taken from any full-fledged State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals. (Reports from private hospitals will not be accepted!)

For the candidates appointed as Wagon Technician, the Health Board reports signed by at least 1 doctors who are experts in their fields to be taken from the authorized Full-fledged State Hospitals or Official University Hospitals in Annex-8, MUST HAVE THE DETAILS MENTIONED BELOW: (In the list in Annex-1) Reports from a health institution other than the specified hospitals will not be accepted!) (See Annex-1: List of Authorized Hospitals)

1. In the report of the committee, the signatures of the doctors of ophthalmology, otorhinolaryngology, internal medicine, neurology, general surgery, psychiatry, orthopedics and traumatology, and cardiology must be included.

2. Each branch physician will decide according to the health criteria specified for his branch in the Health Conditions Required for Employees in Safety-Critical Tasks in Railway Operations, in the annex of Railway Safety Critical Duties Regulation. (See Appendix-2: Health Conditions) In addition, the health conditions specified in our Institution's Health and Psychotechnics Directive must be met. (See Annex-3: TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. Health and Psychotechnics Directive)

3. Writing the imaging, laboratory results and physical examination findings, which are the basis for the decision, to the relevant department, in the health board report; “Works as a Wagon Technician” for Wagon Technician candidates with information on audiometry (hearing) test or test result, information on eye examination. or “Works in group (B).” statement is mandatory.

However, in the appendix of the health board report;

– Color Inspection (Ishihora test done),

- Visual degrees (right-left eye are specified separately),

– Screening test (Result must be negative for stimulants and drugs),

– Hearing examination (Audiometry result, pure tone average, how many meters can he hear the whisper),

– Detailed blood analysis results (Whole blood screening-AST-ALT-GGT-Urea-Creatinine-Hbs Ab-Hbs Ap-HIV-HCV-T3-T4-T5H),

– Height, Weight, BMI, Blood Pressure, Chest X-ray, Pulmonary function test, Urinalysis,

Test results must be physically present.

In addition, candidates who will be appointed as Wagon Technician should be successful in the Psychotechnical Examination to be performed by our Institution.

Candidates prepared the above-mentioned documents and worked with TCDD Taşımacılık A.Ş. between 25 July – 12 August 2022. They should apply in person to the General Directorate of Personnel and Training Department (Address: Hacı Bayram Mahallesi Hipodrom Caddesi No: 3 Gar-Altındağ/Ankara).

12 August Applications made after the end of 2022 working hours and / or by post will not be accepted.

Annex-1: For Authorized Hospital List CLICK HERE

Annex-2: For Health Conditions Required for Employees in Safety Critical Tasks in Railway Activities CLICK HERE

Annex-3: TCDD Tasimacilik A.S. For the Health and Psychotechnical Directive CLICK HERE

Annex-4: For Candidate Personnel Information Form CLICK HERE

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