'Government Incentives Promotion Days' Started in Sakarya

State Incentives Promotion Days Started in Sakarya
'Government Incentives Promotion Days' Started in Sakarya

The 8th "Government Incentives Promotion Days" for young people, organized by the Directorate of Communications, started in Sakarya. Within the scope of the event held in Democracy Square with the aim of bringing young people together with public institutions, various institutions opened stands to inform the visitors and promote their work.

High school and university youth showed great interest in the event, which was organized under the coordination of the Presidency's Directorate of Communications and which included ministries, Presidency offices and institutions affiliated to the Presidency.

Visitors are informed about financial supports such as scholarships, grants, funds and loans, internship programs they need, and project support in the international arena.

Presidential Communications Vice President Evren Başar told Anadolu Agency (AA) that they held the 8th event in Sakarya. Stating that they are pleased to be in Sakarya and together with the youth, Başar said, “As the Directorate of Communications, we are here to explain the support, grants, funds, scholarships, etc., which our state provides for our youth, face-to-face and one-on-one with the expert personnel of the relevant institutions. In this way, we want to raise awareness about what our state can do with what opportunities, while our young people are constructing their futures and planning their careers.” he said.

“This event will continue in 8 more provinces until the end of the year”

Stating that they have established close contact with nearly 250 thousand young people and that there is a great interest in Sakarya, Başar said, “I hope we will be in Kocaeli next weekend and in Bursa next weekend. This event will continue in 8 more provinces until the end of the year. I invite the young people in Sakarya here.” said.

Governor Çetin Oktay Kaldirim said that there was a great interest in the event, and that it was a good work both to raise awareness and to carry out incentives in a healthier way.

Emphasizing that the main goal here is to inform the citizens correctly, Kaldirim said, “We are in an age where remote communication is increasing, but I also care about one-to-one communication, I think it is important. There are over 20 establishments here. The fact that the citizen sees the organizations that they cannot see at the central level in the field, is a separate communication channel and a different experience for the citizen. In this respect, I would like to express my special thanks to Fahrettin Altun, our Head of Communications, and to his team and institutions.” used the phrases.

Governor Kaldirim stated that young people received good information on how to be successful in their field, education and career planning, and said, “The goal is to train quality human resources. Such studies also serve as a window in the development and improvement of our human resources. Citizens can both see the world from here and be well informed.” he said.

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that Sakarya is interested in investments and incentives and said, “As soon as it opened, our citizens showed great interest. Here, all the investment incentives can be done, how to invest, studies are carried out on this, information is given. It's beautiful, good luck." said.

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