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US literature students
Studying literature in a popular university is a dream come true for every student. And to make things better, sponsorships in the USA for literature students are available in plenty.

The openness to studying literature offers a lot of benefits to students. When you pursue literature, you don't have to restrict yourself to a particular path. You are allowed to decide precisely what you want to major in.

Provided you are in one of the top schools in the U.S., you will learn essential skills for today's global environment. The issue is all about college fees! Being in one of the best universities is never a lap of luxury. Though, you don't need to worry as there are so many sponsorships for literature faculty students in the USA. These sponsorships include.

Davidson Fellow Sponsorship

Davidson Fellow Sponsorship awards sponsorships to extraordinary students aged 18 and below. Most accepted students are usually honoured every year in Washington, D.C. Congressional meetings with a special reception.

You must have great grades in literature-related subjects or units to apply for this sponsorship. Also, you must be a U.S. citizen or a permanent resident of the country. This sponsorship is mainly based on the student's age and not the level of their education.

The applicants must also have some accomplishments in the field of literature that can positively contribute to society. Davidson Fellows must attend with a guardian or one parent during the awards receptions. The organization usually provides all travel expenses.

There are many pros to studying in the USA as a literature faculty student. Regardless of the university, you will apply for, assignments are part of most doctoral, Ph.D., and undergraduate literature programs. If you face any challenges with writing, you can seek help with homework from different sites on the internet. Make use of Edubirdie and literature essay samples to understand different writing styles. Then, you can use the rest of the time to revise for the other college courses or complete other lesson assignments. This will improve your academic grades and help solve issues with your education with ease.

Fulbright Foreign Student Sponsorship

Fulbright Foreign Student Sponsorship is open to all international students from about 160 countries willing to study literature in the United States. The sponsorship allows master's and Ph.D. programs in all literature courses taught in the U.S.

The deadline is usually February to October annually for the students to apply. This allows students from different countries to conduct their research in the best universities spread across the country. Each year, approximately about 4.000 students usually receive this sponsorship. It's usually administered by bi-national Fulbright Commissions or the U.S. Embassies.

These offices still process the applications. This sponsorship covers tuition fees, airfare, health insurance, and stipend. Ensure that you check the specific country before applying for the sponsorship. That's because the criteria of selection vary from nation to nation.

Katrin Lamon Fund Fellow

This sponsorship is offered to American Indian students studying literature in the United States. To apply for this sponsorship, you must be from the federally-recognized tribe of the Alaska Native. Also, you should be enrolled in a full-time master's, doctoral, or degree program in an accredited United States university.

All applicants must demonstrate financial needs per the Free Application for Federal Student Aid criteria. That's from the education department and the university office that you are planning to attend. The application process is straightforward. You can still apply again if you had applied before and were awarded. After filling out the form, then submit your AIGC Fellowship Application.

There is usually a 250-word typed essay as detailed in the application process. A Financial Need Form completed by the university or the university aid office should be pinned with the other documents. As a result, you will be able to keep all documents together and submit all the required details on time.

Sponsorships for US Faculty of Letters students

King Olav V Norwegian-American Heritage Fund

This sponsorship application is open to all students in the United States who are 18 years or older and have demonstrated a sincere interest in furthering their literature education. The final selections for those that will win the sponsorship are usually made by the committee usually appointed by the President of the Sons of Norway Foundation.

Notifications are usually made within ten weeks of the deadline. The awards for the sponsorship are based upon the following criteria.

  1. Involvement in school and community activities
  2. Essay
  3. Academic potential or grade scripts
  4. Two letters of recommendation
  5. Financial need.

To apply for this sponsorship, you have to get the application link from the official site of this organization. Then fill out the application form. The essay part is usually about 500 words. All applicants must also state how their literature course of study will benefit their community. A student may get a maximum of two awards within about five years.

Summer Internship Program in Research for Graduate Students

To qualify for this sponsorship, applicants are supposed to participate in the eight-week program under the guidance of the ETS mentor at this organization. The areas include.

1. Natural language processing and speech technologies
2. Cognitive psychology
3. Linguistics and computational linguistics
4. Participating in seminars and workshops on various topics.

Before the end of the eight-week program, students that applied are expected to give a brief presentation about their findings. The goals of this program are to provide research opportunities that are related to literature.

That's mainly at the doctoral level in that particular field of specialization. It also aims at increasing the number of students from diverse backgrounds. To apply for this sponsorship, you have to be a full-time student in the doctoral program in literature courses. You should at least have completed two years of coursework towards the Ph.D. before starting the program.


There are lots of benefits of studying literature in the USA. If you have any financial needs, there are plenty of sponsorships that you can use to do your best as a literature faculty student. Requirements for these sponsorships are just easy. You need to ensure that you meet all the application process requirements. The deadline should highly be taken into consideration. The points mentioned above are some of the sponsorships in the U.S. for literature-related studies.

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