Smart Solution for Antalya Urban Traffic

Antalya Makes Urban Traffic More Streamlined with Smart Junctions
Antalya Makes Urban Traffic More Fluent with Smart Junctions

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality makes urban traffic more fluent and economical with smart intersections. Within the scope of the Tender for the Establishment of the Intelligent Junction Management System carried out by the Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems, 38 more intersections will be smart intersections with the systems added to the signaling control devices. With smart intersections, waiting times in traffic will decrease, while time loss and fuel consumption will decrease.

In Antalya, which is the 1th province with the highest number of vehicles in Turkey with more than 4 million vehicles registered to the traffic, efforts are underway to streamline the traffic and reduce the density. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail System has implemented the smart intersections project, which aims to reduce waiting times at intersections. With the project, for which the tender has been made, 38 more intersections will be added to the smart intersections that have been implemented for a while at the Provincial Health Directorate and Laura Junction. Within the scope of the Full Adaptive Junction System Tender, the signaling system of Konyaaltı Gürsu Junction was transformed into a smart intersection system.

Intelligent Response to Signaling

Within the scope of the Full Adaptive System, the data obtained with 17-degree cameras placed at a height of 360 meters helps to measure the instantaneous density of the intersection using image processing technique. Smart intersections, which are a real-time traffic control system solution, can dominate the entire intersection thanks to the technology it contains. With the Smart Junction system, the traffic data obtained from the intersections via sensors is used instantly, and the signaling is adjusted automatically. With the reduction of waiting time in traffic, traffic density is also reduced to a minimum. With less stop-start vehicles, it contributes to the country's economy with the fuel savings, and the reduction of carbon gas emissions contributes to the environment and human health.

Remote Access to 61 Junctions

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Planning and Rail System Department Head Nurettin Tonguç said that within the scope of the tender, a total of 32 junction control devices from the west to the east of the city and the Smart Intersection System will be applied consecutively at 38 junctions. In addition, images of 61 junctions will be viewed with the Remote Access system. In case of congestion, the intersection program will be changed and the density will be removed by instantaneously intervening at the intersection. Tonguç stated that malfunctions that may occur due to hardware and infrastructure in signaling systems and traffic accidents that occur can be determined instantly, and that emergency intervention can be made, and thus, possible negativities will be prevented.

One Hundred Percent Domestic System

Expressing that they believe that smart intersections will satisfy the citizens both in terms of environmentalism and traffic flow, Tonguç said, “This system is a 100 percent domestic system. We've been working on it for a long time. We're making 38 Smart Junctions. We will also provide remote access to 61 junctions. Our main goal will be to reduce the waiting time in traffic, to gain traffic fluidity, and to prevent unnecessary waiting. According to the season, we will be able to control the traffic instantly according to the density,” he said.

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