Scania Introduces All-Electric Models

scania unveils all-electric models
Scania Introduces All-Electric Models

Scania introduced its fully electric trucks to be produced for regional long-distance transportation as part of its efforts to ensure the transition to sustainable transportation.

Scania's fully electric truck series was initially produced as a 4×2 tow truck or 6×2*4 truck with R and S cabin options. With its 624 Kwh battery, it has the potential to meet and even exceed the expectations of modularity, sustainability and conventional trucks in regional long-haul operations.

Its charging capacity of up to 375 kW provides a range of 270 to 300 km in one hour of charging. The continuous power output level of the vehicles is 560 kW, which corresponds to 410 HP.

The new Scania electric truck series will be able to work in truck or tractor-trailer combinations used in many areas such as temperature-controlled food transportation. While their range varies according to weight, configuration and topography, a 4-battery 2×80 tractor offers a range of up to 350 km on the highway with an average speed of XNUMX km/h.

The serial production of Scania fully electric vehicles is expected to start in the last quarter of 2023.

Scania continues its journey on the electrification roadmap to achieve its Science Based Targets for CO2 reduction.

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