Principle Decision to Conservation of Natural Protected Areas Official Gazette

Policy Decision to Protect Natural Protected Areas Official Gazette
Principle Decision to Conservation of Natural Protected Areas Official Gazette

Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change The policy decision to protect natural protected areas has been updated in accordance with the previously published regulation. While defining the sensitive areas to be protected with regard to the decision, STRICT BUILDING PROHIBITION highlighted once again.

The Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change has announced that the previously published regulation on the Protection and Use Conditions of Natural Protected Areas No. 113 has been updated. In the statement made by the Ministry, after the new decision, the sensitive areas to be protected were defined.

According to this; Containing species, habitats and ecosystems of national and international importance, contributing to ecosystem services in terms of their biological, geological and geomorphological features, having a high risk of deterioration or destruction as a result of human activities, vegetation, topography and silhouette should be preserved and transferred to future generations, and the President It has been reported that the land, water and sea areas announced by the decision are sensitive areas to be protected.

In the statement, it was stated that in case of natural disasters in these areas, necessary emergency interventions can be made.

In addition, by emphasizing that there is a definite construction ban regarding these areas, mining activities cannot be carried out; stone, earth, sand cannot be taken; It was stated that materials such as soil, slag, garbage, and industrial waste cannot be spilled.

Reminding that some activities may be permitted, provided that the conditions, scope and duration are determined in case of necessity, according to the nature and content of the activities, according to the evaluation to be made by the Regional Commissions for Conservation of Natural Assets of the Ministry, the following articles were included:

  • Scientific research and educational activities can be carried out.
  • If there are cultural and natural assets, scientific excavations and conservation studies can be carried out with the permission of the Ministry.
  • Studies can be carried out if scientific reports are submitted for the protection, improvement and cleaning of these areas.
  • Signs and signs may be placed for safety, warning and information purposes.
  • Works can be carried out for the opening of forest fire roads, the maintenance and repair of forests.
  • If there is a monument tree in the area, maintenance and repair can be done with the technical report to be given by the relevant institutions.
  • Beekeeping activities can be carried out for the continuity of ecological balance.
  • A bird watching tower can be built.
  • If there is a public interest, waste water, drinking water, natural gas, electricity and communication lines can be built, provided that the road route is used in case of need.
  • If there is a facility located in that area before it is declared a "Sensitive Area to be Strictly Protected", maintenance, repair and improvement works can be carried out if needed, provided that no new regulation is made. For example; such as maintenance work on power lines from the 1950s in some forests.
  • Facilities that are necessary for national security can be built.
  • In order to ensure the continuity of the natural balance in Dalyan and the lagoons; in line with the opinions of the relevant public institution and without any construction Fishing activities with traditional fishing methods arising from the nature of the area and rehabilitation, maintenance and repair of existing ones can be allowed.

In the statement, it was noted that the definition of 'Qualified Natural Conservation Area' was also made in the resolution published in the Official Gazette, and it was emphasized that the prohibited and permitted activities in sensitive areas to be strictly protected can also be carried out in these areas, and bungalows cannot be built in Qualified Natural Protection Areas.

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