Obesity Surgery and Its Types

Obesity Surgery and Its Types
Obesity Surgery and Its Types

Obesity, called the disease of our time, is caused by excessive and incorrect eating habits, a sedentary lifestyle, hormonal factors, and genetic transition. It is a problem of excessive fat accumulation to the extent that it disrupts body health and body order. And it is a disease that definitely needs to be treated.

Obesity disease is mostly treated with obesity surgery. In this way, the patient's quality of life is improved by surgical methods that provide permanent weight control and the risk of many different diseases caused by obesity is eliminated.

Obesity surgery is a very effective treatment method with many different techniques. The types of obesity surgery are determined by the specialist physicians according to the condition of the patients and the treatment is applied with the most appropriate method. The most commonly used types of bariatric surgery are as follows;

  • Gastric clamp - gastric band,
  • Tube stomach treatment,
  • Gastric Bypass,
  • Duodenal Switch,
  • Robotic bariatric surgery.

Obesity Surgery

Obesity surgery is one of the most effective methods applied for obesity patients. If an obesity patient does not respond to treatments such as a diet program, exercise program, behavior modification, and medication given as part of obesity treatment, the process should now be treated surgically. Obesity surgery is performed for people whose body mass index is between Dec5-40 and who are struggling with different diseases depending on obesity. There are many different types of obesity surgery performed, and which method is preferred is determined by physicians according to the general condition of the patients.

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What is Stomach Botox?

Gastric botox application is the process of injecting Botulinum toxin into certain areas of the stomach by an endoscopic method. Thanks to this method, the contraction of the stomach muscles is limited, which leads to a November of appetite in the patient. This method is a method that can be applied to anyone who wants to lose weight. It is preferred more often due to the lack of a surgical procedure.

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What is a Gastric Balloon?

Perhaps obesity is one of the diseases that many people are exposed to today. A large part of the world's population is struggling with obesity disease. Obesity disease not only affects the person's appearance aesthetically, but also has many accompanying diseases such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, blood pressure. One of the topics that patients who want to get rid of these diseases and achieve their ideal weight have been researching the most recently is the stomach balloon.

Gastric balloon is a method resorted to by patients who do not want to have surgery. Gastric balloon, which is an endoscopic method, is a procedure that is completed in a short time without requiring surgical intervention. It is inserted into the stomach of the sleeping patient by mouth using various instruments and inflated to about 600 cc after the stomach balloon is inserted. Thus, the amount of servings eaten by a person is reduced by reducing the volume of the stomach. This method can be used if the person does not have any stomach diseases. With this method, which is completed in as little as 15 minutes, the volume of the stomach can be reduced without the need for any surgical procedure and the person can begin to experience weight loss. Patients with a body mass index of 30 and above are suitable for this procedure. In addition, this method is also used for patients who are not available for gastric tube surgery and do not have sufficient criteria for surgery. Sometimes, people with very high weights are expected to become suitable for surgical treatment after getting down to a certain weight by inserting a stomach balloon. After that, tube stomach or bypass surgeries, which are surgical procedures, can be performed.

What is Gastric Balloon

Nutrition After Gastric Balloon

People who have been treated with stomach reduction methods are not recommended to eat and drink anything for the first few hours after the procedure. Then it is appropriate to feed with liquid food for the first three days. Since a foreign body is inserted into the stomach, the body may try to expel it. For this reason, a person may experience nausea, vomiting, or excessive bowel movements. To prevent them, anti-nausea drugs are used. At the end of the first week, these complaints end. The patient can switch to normal nutrition. However, it should be remembered that if the patient does not follow the diet prescribed to him and does not make sports a part of his life, the pounds lost after this procedure will not be permanent. No matter which method is used to lose weight, another important factor here is nutrition. A person needs to make his nutrition high-quality and balanced. He should eat enough of every food, not skimp on foods rich in vitamins, minerals and protein from his life. Package foods, especially sugary foods should be avoided or consumed quite sparingly.

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