New Address for Flower Exchange in the Baskent: Beşevler Metro

Besevler Metro, New Address for Flower Exchange in Basket
Beşevler Metro, the New Address for Flower Exchange in the Baskent

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues the 'Flower Swap' application, the first of which was implemented at Batıkent Metro Station. ABB, which provides free exchange and maintenance for the flowers and plants in their possession to the citizens of the capital, will continue the application under Beşevler Metro as of 25 July.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality is implementing human-oriented and environmentally sensitive projects one by one.

The 'Flower Swap' application, the first of which was started at Batıkent Metro Station with the cooperation of ABB Environmental Protection and Control Department, EGO General Directorate and ANFA Plant House, continues.


With the application to be made more widespread at Metro Stations with ANKARAY, ABB will open a stand under the Beşevler Metro as of Monday, July 25, 2022, aiming to provide the residents of the Capital with the opportunity to exchange and care for their flowers free of charge.

The flower exchange application, which will be carried out through stands to be set up on different dates and at different addresses, will continue until 30 July 2022 under Beşevler Metro.

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