Izmir Metropolitan's 'Youth Tent Camps' Attract Great Interest

Youth Tent Camps of Izmir Buyuksehir attract great attention
Izmir Metropolitan's 'Youth Tent Camps' Attract Great Interest

Youth camps, where Izmir Metropolitan Municipality brings young people together with nature and entertainment, attract great attention. İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who visited the camp held in Çandarlı Tunç Soyermet with the youth. Stating that it is extremely sad that the majority of young people are looking for their future abroad, Mayor Soyer said, “This is not something we can accept or consent to. These young people have the potential to change this country.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer"Youth Tent Camps", which have been implemented in line with the youth-oriented city vision of . After Olivelo Living Park and Alaçatı in İnciraltı, Çandarlı and Güzelbahçe Yelki, the first day of the camp, which was held in Çandarlı for the second time between 21-23 July, the Mayor of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer also participated.
Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department Head Anıl Kaçar also participated in the program, where the Mayor of İzmir met with the youth for a dinner. Tunç SoyerHe then toured the campsite. President Soyer also met with the youth. sohbet He listened to requests and suggestions.

colorful conversation

In the camp, an interview event was held with the traveler Santiago Sanches Cogedor, who toured the world on foot. Answering questions from young people, Cogedor told about his adventures. During the event, President Soyer also asked a question to Cogedor. Cogedor, who has traveled to nearly a hundred countries, asked President Soyer, "Has the world's hope for the future of humanity increased or decreased?" In response to the question, “It is necessary to have a positive thought. Above all, it should do good things and spread it. It's like what we're doing. We must strive for the youth and the generations to come after us. We need to leave them the same or better environment we have, never worse.” President Soyer then said to Cogedor, "I am ready to teach Turkish if he intends to be interested in politics."

“They grow old before they can live their youth”

Stating that they are happy with the great interest in the camps organized for the youth, Mayor Soyer said, “Young people have such a limited and isolated life that we can't do anything. They are struggling with unemployment and economic problems. That's why I try to do things that will make them smile and make them enjoy life. On the one hand, I think about what we can do to prepare them for the future. We want them to at least take a breath at the end of the year, the exams are over, at least have a few days of fun. That's why we did summer camps. We have summer camp at 6 locations. I hope everyone who comes will enjoy it and leave here with pleasant memories.”

“I put myself in their shoes”

Stating that they are working to solve the problems of young people, President Soyer said, “If you worry about it, you also produce solutions. For example, we set up a laundromat for young people. Why did we do it? Because when a person puts himself in their place, he thinks about the difficulties they may experience, starts to think about how I would find a solution to those difficulties if I were him, and thus that idea matures and comes to life. When I put myself in their place, I think that the exams are over, the person is tired, overwhelmed, and I would like to rest for at least two or three days. When you think like that, you find a solution.”

“These young people have the potential to change this country”

Evaluating the recent loss of hope of young people in Turkey and choosing to live abroad, President Soyer said, “Unfortunately, a very large proportion of youth are looking for their future abroad. There are inflation figures, cost of living figures, and most importantly, this is the ratio. What percentage are looking for their future outside? When you look at it, it's 60-70 percent. There can be nothing worse than young people giving up hope in this country. This is the biggest disaster that can happen to us. That's why we need to strengthen their ties and ties to this country. We need to make them love this country, fight for it, and take responsibility for it. On the other hand, we need to try to create an opportunity for them to establish a peaceful and smiling life here. We are pondering this with all our might. Because this is not something we can accept or consent to. These young people have the potential to change this country. Young people who will carry this country to a much better place with their intelligence, conscience and mind.”

“As the sons of a strong culture, we will establish a more beautiful country”

President Soyer also gave a message of hope to the youth. Soyer said, “Never despair. Let them always remember that our ancestors and grandfathers were able to save this country under much more difficult and harsher conditions. And by winning the war and struggle against the world's greatest powers... What are these! Of course, we will overcome these, of course, we will leave them behind. In this beautiful geography, in this beautiful land, as the sons of this strong culture and history, we will establish a much more beautiful country.”

How does the program continue?

On the first day of the camp, which was organized with the theme of nature and the sea, various workshops, activities and music concerts were held. On the second day of the camp, morning yoga and meditation activities, sea pleasure and various activities will be organized throughout the day. The interview event with Cogedor will be held once again. After the free time spent at sea on the third day of the camp, we will return to the Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus.

Information about applications and next camps

Youth Tent Camps; It will be held in Alaçatı on 29-31 July and 2-4 August, and in Bergama Kozak on 15-17 August. Applications for camps open to young people between the ages of 18-26 can be made via gencizmir.com. Young people whose applications are accepted can only join the camp by bringing their tents with them, depending on the camp site and date they choose.

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