İZBETON Urban Furniture Factory Opened with a Ceremony

IZBETON Urban Furniture Factory Opened with Toren
İZBETON Urban Furniture Factory Opened with a Ceremony

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, the municipality's company İZBETON A.Ş. opened the Kent Furniture Factory, which will operate under its roof. The facility to Izmir kazanDescribing the restructuring process as a giant step, President Soyer said, “Despite the economic crisis and inflation, we are taking big and new steps.”

Another important investment in the city within the framework of the vision of Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer to increase the welfare of Izmir. kazanyelled. Urban Furniture Factory was established at the central construction site of İZBETON, a subsidiary of the Metropolitan Municipality. Izmir Metropolitan Mayor Tunç Soyer, who opened the factory that will design and produce furniture that will increase the comfort of the people of Izmir, said, “Despite the economic crisis and inflation, we are taking giant and new steps. I know that everyone has a share and a contribution in this," he said.

greeted with flowers

President Tunç Soyer was greeted by the staff with flowers and the slogan "İZBETON is proud of you". İZBETON General Manager Heval Savaş Kaya, bureaucrats of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, Bornova Mayor Mustafa İduğ, Güzelbahçe Mayor Mustafa İnce, Dikili Mayor Adil Kırgöz and members of the city council attended the ceremony.

“Today we are taking an important step”

Starting his speech by saying that an important step has been taken today, Mayor Tunç Soyer said, “City furniture actually includes the make-up and ornament of this city. İZBETON has started to operate in many fields apart from works such as surface coating, asphalt and roads for three years. It enabled us to take giant steps especially in urban transformation. In short, it became the largest investment institution of the Metropolitan Municipality. I congratulate our general manager, his assistants and all managers. Despite the economic crisis and inflation, we are taking giant and new steps. I know that everyone has a share in this. I embrace each and every one of the İZBETON employees with love and respect.”

Festive and lunch with staff

President Soyer, who toured the facility and received information from the authorities after his speech, also celebrated with İZBETON personnel. Soyer, who attended the lunch at the construction site, said, “I embrace each and every one of you. I wish you a happy holiday with your families and loved ones.

It will create employment

Many urban furniture such as wooden and concrete benches, flower pots, trash cans, camellias, picnic tables, artistic designs and sculptures, and playgrounds will be produced at the İZBETON Urban Furniture Factory. The furniture produced will be used in the parks, gardens and living spaces of İzmir.

İZBETON, which will appear in the furniture sector, which adds value to the country's economy by growing continuously, will both provide employment opportunities thanks to its new factory and increase efficiency and effectiveness with its modern productions. Local resources will be used in all these production and application processes.

The furniture production process, in which wood and concrete will be used as raw materials, will consist of stages such as stocking, pouring concrete into molds, wood cutting, surface and edge trimming, under-varnish paint, varnishing, drying, drilling and assembly. Making all these productions under the roof of the municipality company will reduce the costs in production and facilitate the implementation of quality standards.

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