Is Public Transportation Free During Eid In Istanbul? Are Metro and Metrobus Free on Bayram?

Is Public Transportation Free During Eid In Istanbul?
Is Public Transportation Free During Eid In Istanbul?

📩 12/04/2023 08:01

During the Eid al-Adha and the following days, Metrobus line and IETT flights will be carried out mainly according to the Saturday schedule. Two temporary lines will be opened for two new slaughtering points. By keeping spare vehicles on the platforms, additional flights will be organized to the congested points when necessary. Public transportation in Istanbul will be free for 4 days during the Feast of Sacrifice.

IETT will switch to the holiday schedule for 9 days starting from Saturday, July 9th. According to the prepared plan, on Saturday, July 9, according to the SUNDAY plan, the following days according to the SATURDAY plan, and on the last day of the 9-day holiday, on Sunday, 17 July, according to the SUNDAY plan. An additional 55 vehicles have been allocated to operate on the Saturday schedule, which will make 379 additional trips. In the market plan, spare vehicles will be kept ready and put on expeditions when necessary.

Due to the Eid-al-Adha, 2 new temporary lines will start to serve for the 2 sacrifice markets, which do not have access, in order to enable Istanbulites to reach the sacrifice sales and slaughter centers. The KRB3 line will serve the Kurnaköy qurban sales market and will provide transportation between Pendik Sahil and Kurnaköy. The 131B line will provide the transportation of Istanbulites to the Paşaköy qurban sales market and will serve between Ümraniye and Mimar Sinan Mahallesi.

During the holiday week, additional expedition arrangements were made for the density that can be experienced on the lines running on routes such as the beach, picnic area, and cemetery. In addition, vehicles and drivers will be assigned to be present at the platform areas for unforeseen situations.

On the Metrobus line, except for the last day of the holiday, the flights will be organized according to the plan on Saturday. Public transportation in Istanbul will be free of charge on the 9 days of the 4-day holiday, which coincides with the Eid-al-Adha. Since it is an official holiday on July 9, which comes to the 15-day holiday period, the flights will be free of charge.

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