160 New Metrobus to Istanbul, 'İETT Staff' Announcement to 500 Employees

New Metrobus Calisana 'IETT Staff Announcement to Istanbul'
160 New Metrobus to Istanbul, 'İETT Staff' Announcement to 500 Employees

İBB has put into service 160 new buses that will be included in Istanbul's Metrobus fleet, which they purchased using equity. IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluannounced to IETT that approximately 500 personnel working through different companies were included in the staff of the ancient institution. Speaking at the event where both services were shared with the public, İmamoğlu said, “The country's resources belong to 86 million in Turkey and 16 million in Istanbul. Do not forget that it is the duty of the administrators to distribute the blessings that belong to you in a fair way to you. This work we do today is not a favor to you. Ekrem İmamoğluIt's not a gain for you. Ekrem İmamoğlu's responsibility is the way of being a manager by doing well with his teammates, doing the right thing, doing the right job, doing the right job, doing the fair job. So I am actually doing my duty. The biggest problem of the country is the effort to sanctify some of the people who run the country. We are human huh; remember. We are like you. We are human beings and we have to put forth the effort to manage this country and manage this city together," he said. Employees recruited to IETT staff will receive 4 bonuses per year, and their weekly working hours will decrease from 45 to 40 hours.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) organized the "IETT New Vehicles Joining the Fleet and IETT Garage Operating Model Change Program Ceremony" as part of the "150 Projects in 150 Days" marathon. The ceremony held at the IETT Garage in Kurtköy Yenişehir District; IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluThe meeting was held with the participation of CHP deputies Gürsel Erol and Mahmut Tanal, Mayor of Beylikdüzü Mehmet Murat Çalık and IYI Party IMM Assembly Group Deputy Chairman İbrahim Özkan. Imamoglu and IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili gave speeches at the ceremony.


Emphasizing that IETT is a 150-year-old institution, İmamoğlu said, “Today, we are together for a 150-year-old subsidiary in our 150-day 150 project opening and groundbreaking marathon. IETT is one of the most valuable and well-established institutions and brands not only of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, but also of Turkey. As of July, it serves 3.324 million Istanbulites with a total of 3.000 buses, 5.460 public buses and 16 drivers. Of course, IETT does not only consist of vehicles and drivers. There is a huge organization behind it. Many of our employees have very valuable efforts. Every day in this city, millions of our citizens can go from one place to another with IETT. To give a number, more than 4 million Istanbulites travel within the city with IETT every day. IETT alone covers 7,5 percent of the daily mass transportation of 60 million people in our city, including our metro lines, sea lines and Marmaray. This figure is many times larger than most of the cities in Europe”.


Noting that 600 of the IETT inventory, which includes buses and public buses, consists of metrobuses, İmamoğlu said, “By taking some risks and facing criticism, giving the public buses a status that serves in the same color, making our road friendship with them more institutional, we will continue to work systematically there. by earning; In other words, we decided to provide a holistic service quality without taking shelter under the excuse of 'that institution made that mistake, it is none of our business'. You all know,” he reminded. Stating that approximately 52 thousand people benefit from the 44-kilometer metrobus line with 900 stops, stretching from Beylikdüzü to Söğütlüçeşme, İmamoğlu said, “Unfortunately, as in many areas, this area has been neglected for years. Some carelessness has been made. The system started with mistakes, shortcomings and carelessness from the very beginning," he said.


Reminding the metrobus purchases made from the Netherlands in the past, which they also investigated, İmamoğlu said, “These vehicles were purchased from the Netherlands as if we did not have domestic resources. You decided to buy from a foreign source, thank you; One of them was bought for 1 million 250 thousand euros. In other words, with today's money, each bus is 23 million liras. How can a manager who will buy a metrobus for exactly 23 million lira not look at the details of this? How does he not deal with it? Believe me, it is not explainable, it is not understandable at all. We all know that this country is not that rich, that the biggest scourge and trouble of this great country is extravagance and waste. So let's leave everything aside, when we are talking about this, with our social definition; 'Do you not have any fear of God, do you not have any conscience?' Everyone asks this," he said. He stated that the vehicles in question could not be used because they were not suitable for the topography of Istanbul and were left to rot in the warehouses. Noting that the company that was purchased has also ceased its activities, İmamoğlu described the events as a "comedy movie". Saying, “This is an understanding of planlessness, lack of programming, squandering the resources of our nation, wasting our resources unconsciously,” İmamoğlu said, “It is not possible to understand them. At least, our concepts are not suitable for this. And we have an understanding that struggles against it. As I see such practices, even as I speak about them, my face blushes as the Mayor of this institution. It is shameful and sinful. It is truly embarrassing,” he said.


Sharing the information that the majority of the existing BRT fleet consists of 10-year-old vehicles, İmamoğlu said, “The expedition time has expired, so to speak, there is an inventory that cannot provide quality service, cannot work at the desired capacity and frequently breaks down. In general, we are aware that our BRT fleet is a little tired, a little tired. Of course, we couldn't leave this lifeline to its fate. We are not an administration that will make excuses for Istanbulites. We have made a particularly great effort to renew the buses on the Metrobus line. Almost two years ago, we excitedly set out to bring 300 new buses to our Istanbul, by convincing us with the research we have done right away, which is a wisdom that we generally cannot convince easily, and by unanimously removing a borrowing limit from the Parliament. It turns out that the second act of the approval game, which we unanimously received from here, was in Ankara, it was being played in Ankara. And our loan has still not been approved by the Presidency. So, if we had added 160 to the current 300, we would have completely renewed the now obsolete inventory. The people of Istanbul would have renewed their old bus fleet in their shiny, undamaged and trouble-free buses, since the period before us was neglected, unfortunately.”


“Are we helpless; Saying no, İmamoğlu said, “This time, we have added 7 new vehicles to our fleet together with our own means, negotiating in 160-year installments and making sure that we get the best prices. The two brands you see on the back are the two domestic brands of this country. Good luck,” he said. Reiterating that the buses imported from the Netherlands that cannot be used are 23 million TL, İmamoğlu said that the vehicles they buy are 7,5 million TL each. Stating that they have experienced the vehicles for 1 year before receiving them, İmamoğlu shared information about the technical capacities of the vehicles. Emphasizing that they will renew the metrobus system, which moves in the opposite direction of the traffic flow, over time, İmamoğlu said, “We know that metrobuses carry a very serious risk of accident when they operate in the opposite direction. With our new generation BRT vehicles, we will also stop working in the opposite direction over time. In this way, we will eliminate this risk.”


Pointing out that they will make new regulations in favor of IETT employees in line with the understanding of social democratic municipalism, İmamoğlu shared the following information:

“Today we are ending the 'Operation Project Model' in Kurtköy Garage. What is this business project? In 2018, the former management gave the operating rights in four garages of Istanbul to some companies. In other words, it is the same company that operates the buses, pays the personnel, and maintains the vehicles. Unfortunately, this model did not appear to be a fair and efficient model. From the maintenance of the buses to the personnel lines, there were many problems. There is also a problem here: There is an IETT vehicle. They pass side by side. Bus drivers greet each other and honk. But inside he says; 'We are doing the same job, but there is a difference between us.' This is not a fair situation. Never forget that it was Mr. Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu who raised the biggest flag and struggled against the concept of subcontracted workers in this country. And you know that even though today's government has taken a step back from that date and made some changes, it still has not reached the level it deserves. You are already living people. You will have the same rights. We want to have this in all environments. It is possible for this nation to be in prosperity on the day that the rights of the working people in this country are protected and they receive their rights equally in an inventory.”


İmamoğlu, who likened the process to the rings of a chain, said, “Nobody has a magic wand. So what do I mean? We can present examples of our management approach, management culture and management ethics by making such changes within our own scope, but we cannot solve all the problems in the Metropolitan Municipality, for example, with the magic wand in our hands. It is like the links of the chain. Yes, we can solve you. We cannot solve those other holistic problems. What's the reason? Because the economy is bad. Then the economy should be good too. Because inequalities and inequalities in income distribution are not an issue that only IMM can solve in its own field. 360 degrees is a problem that should be solved in the whole country. Because there is income inequality. So the root of the problem is the problems and problems with the economy. It is the mind that runs the country that is responsible for problems such as the inability of the workforce and the underlying processes. So if we expect a total change, we have to change today's executive mind in the country. There is no other way,” he said.


Emphasizing that the country's resources belong to 86 million in Turkey and 16 million in Istanbul, İmamoğlu said, “Do not forget that the duty of the managers is to distribute the blessings that belong to you, to you in a fair manner. This work we do today is not a favor to you. Ekrem İmamoğluIt's not a gain for you. Ekrem İmamoğlu's responsibility is the way of being a manager by doing well with his teammates, doing the right thing, doing the right job, doing the right job, doing the fair job. So I am actually doing my duty. In this respect, I have said it everywhere, and I will say it here: The biggest problem of the country is the effort to sanctify some people who run the country. We are human huh; remember. We are like you. We are human beings and we have to put forth the effort to manage this country and manage this city together," he said.


Saying "So what are we doing", İmamoğlu listed the rights of the employees they recruit with the new regulation as follows:

“We are bringing you from this unequal environment to an equal environment. Our drivers will receive 4 bonuses per year. Weekly working hours will decrease from 45 to 40 hours. There will be food charges. The number of annual leave days will increase from 14 to 22 days. They will have 8 days of social leave rights. They will benefit from aid such as social aid package, collection aid, Ramadan aid. There will be motivation sources such as PGS achievement point award, no damage bonus, steering bonus, shift bonus. Yes, those who join our family will benefit from these rights. Because for us, the health, happiness and good conditions of each individual of the 16 million are of particular importance. Those who join us, our family, and dear friends, you will benefit from these rights. Because for us, the health, happiness and good conditions of each and every member of our 16 million people gain importance. Therefore, there is only one reason for these opportunities we provide to you: You have to make the people of Istanbul happy more than ever before. Have we agreed on this?"


İmamoğlu warned his colleagues to provide friendly service to the people of Istanbul and said, “You will be a Metropolitan Municipality ambassador who smiles, respects people, treats people well and guides them.” Emphasizing that they are trying to serve Istanbul with the same understanding, İmamoğlu said, “At the same time, we are producing subways on 10 underground lines at the same time. We build green spaces, we build parks. We opened Europe's largest facility that produces energy from solid waste. We have collected our projects for new ones, we are carrying out the EIA process. With our social aid budget, we contribute to 1,5 million households in these difficult times in Istanbul. Sometimes we give scholarships to students. Sometimes we deliver milk to his house. We distribute milk to 200 thousand children. In 3 years, we bring in many projects that have not been taken for 25 years. There are friends who criticize us or talk to us on some platforms, who will be the opposition of today's Istanbul and tomorrow's opposition in Turkey. They compare our data with 25 years while they are competing. In other words, they compare what we did in 3 years with 25 years. Of course, we are not surprised by this. On the contrary, I am happy. I say to these friends who compared 3 years in 25 years; 'When the 5 years are over or in an Istanbul service period for two terms, believe me, they will be surprised what they will say. But they will do this: Most of them will come and vote for us, you will see.”


Stating that they strengthened and beautified Istanbul with investments, İmamoğlu addressed the drivers who transferred to IETT with the following words:

“May God grant you safe and trouble-free travels. We continue to bring together our citizens with our more modern new vehicles, happier employees and a public transportation service worthy of Istanbul. Each of you, do your service well. Look, although there are fewer malfunctions than in the past years, they are complaining about you to the nation by using their own systems and media for each malfunction. They are doing injustice. The numbers are certain, the numbers are certain. They denigrate your institution, our institution. These are a handful of people. This is a 150 year old institution. They can't afford to denigrate it. But they do. They make short doodles like this. Of course, how far does the liar's candle burn? until bedtime. It's just about bedtime. That's why we ask you; All friends, you will do your job well. Together we will serve our nation well. I will also take your buses from time to time. I will come to your garages from time to time. with you sohbet I will make. Oh, my beautiful citizens of Istanbul are entrusted to you. Protect and protect our children. You will pay special attention to the ladies. We have a decision to stop outside the stops sometimes you know at night. Therefore, the safety of life and property of every person living in this country is entrusted to you on your buses. You have a nice way."


Reminding that we have entered the holy month of Muharram at the end of his speech, İmamoğlu said, “I wish the month of Muharram, which started today, to be blessed to the Islamic world, to bring peace and happiness to all humanity, to bring unity and solidarity, and to make us feel what a beautiful nation we are all together. I wish that we become people who learn from our sufferings and who serve for the future, peace, harmony and unity.” After the speeches, İmamoğlu took a photo with the drivers who joined IETT, and was greeted with cheers from his colleagues.

IETT General Manager Alper Bilgili also gave a speech at the ceremony. Bilgili said, “As the first step of this transformation, which we have implemented with the order of our President, "to include approximately 2018 driver personnel working in subcontracted companies since 2000, within the municipality" in order to ensure labor peace and increase our service quality, approximately 500 of our friends will join our IMM family today. I wish you good luck.

Today, we are also celebrating the introduction of 160 new and high-capacity BRT vehicles, which we purchased with our own resources and started service, to our passengers. From now on, we aim to completely renew our aging metrobus fleet in a few years, hopefully by purchasing at least 100 new metrobuses every year. I would like to express our thanks to everyone who has made a great effort in this process, and wish that the new vehicles we have added to our fleet will be beneficial for our municipality and our passengers. Today, I sincerely congratulate my 500 colleagues who have joined our İBB family with their new staff. I believe that you will wholeheartedly serve for our Istanbul with all your hard work and smiling face, and I wish you and our passengers a safe and auspicious journey.”


The average age of 670 vehicles working on the metrobus line of IETT, one of the affiliates of IMM, increased to 10. When the Presidency did not approve the 300 million Euro foreign loan for months to buy 90 vehicles to renew the metrobuses, which caused intense complaints, IETT took action to buy buses with its own resources. As a result of the tender, which was held on August 5, 2021 and broadcast live, the offer of Otokar company for 21 buses with a length of 100 meters and the offers of Akia for 25 buses with a length of 60 meters were approved. Otokar buses with a length of 21 meters have a capacity of 200 passengers. The vehicles currently used are 18,5 meters and 185 passengers can travel at the same time. 25 Akia buses with a length of 60 meters have a capacity of 280 passengers. The buses currently used are also 26 meters but can carry 225 passengers.


The deliveries of the buses, 15 percent of which were purchased in cash and the rest with a maturity of 72 months, started with the introduction of 12 new metrobuses to the service of Istanbulites on April 2022, 30. With the ceremony held today, 100 new vehicles will start to take the stage on the metrobus line. The remaining 30 new metrobuses will meet with Istanbulites until next September. With new metrobus purchases; Support was provided to the national industry with domestically produced vehicles. BRT fleet age from 11,5 was reduced to 8,5. In the current fleet, the situation that the faults that occur due to the age of the vehicle negatively affect the line will decrease. Thanks to the outward-opening metro-type sliding doors, passenger circulation will be facilitated. Thanks to the high passenger capacity, the total capacity will increase by 10 percent, the number of passengers transported at one time will be more, and waiting times at stops will be reduced. Thanks to its high air conditioning power capacity, a comfortable journey will be provided. The unit fuel consumption per passenger transported will be lower than the existing vehicles. With the vehicle passenger occupancy rate detection system, the vehicle occupancy will be displayed to the passenger from the vehicle sign.

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