Hamidiye Su Wins 'Superior Taste Award'

Hamidiye Su Wins Superior Taste Award
Hamidiye Su Wins 'Superior Taste Award'

Hamidiye Su, a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, won the 'Superior Taste Award', the highest award given by the International Taste Institute. Hamidiye Su, tasted by the world's few gourmets, crowned its quality with three full stars.

Hamidiye Natural Spring Waters, which meets the healthy water needs of the people of Istanbul with fountains, beards and carboys since 1902 and has been producing untouched by fully automatic machines over time, won the 'Superior Taste Award' given by the Brussels-based International Taste Institute. Hamidiye Su, which passed the tests of chefs and gourmets from more than 20 countries, including Michelin awarded chefs, received full marks. Hamidiye Su made three out of three awards, which were evaluated over three stars. With the Superior Taste Award, which has international validity, Hamidiye Su became an internationally registered brand.

Awarded with 3 stars by the International Taste Institute, Hamidiye Su General Manager Hüseyin Çağlar stated that Hamidiye Su was certified with this award and said, “Hamidiye Spring Waters filled with automatic, contactless and hygienic methods; It stands out with its soft drink, unique taste, naturalness and suitable mineral structure. Reliable, healthy and natural Hamidiye Su registered its taste with the award it won. We are happy and proud to win the 'Superior Taste Award'. As the Hamidiye, the Value of Istanbul brand, we are at the disposal of our citizens at the most affordable prices in the face of increasing inflation costs, without compromising our quality but without causing public loss.”

Günceleme: 19/07/2022 12:12

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