Four-Arm Mobilization Against Forest Fires in Buca

Four-Arm Mobilization Against Forest Fires in Bucada
Four-Arm Mobilization Against Forest Fires in Buca

While Buca Municipality takes its own precautions against fires, which are the nightmare of the summer season, on the other hand, it rushes to help in the fires in the Aegean Region. Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, who stated that they are constantly raising the awareness of the citizens on this issue, emphasized that all relevant directorates and BUCAKUT, which was established specifically for disasters, was on alert throughout the summer.

In Buca, one of the districts with the most forest area in İzmir metropolis, the mobilization against forest fires continues at full speed. The teams of the Parks and Gardens Directorate, the Cleaning Works Directorate and the search and rescue unit BUCAKUT, which are specially established against disasters, respond quickly and in a coordinated manner wherever a fire breaks out. On the other hand, the Police Department ensures the prevention of possible fires by keeping watch in the risky areas, and does not let the rubble wastes that may cause fires to take their eyes off. The Municipality, which shows the most accurate reflex against forest fires in rural neighborhoods, on the other hand, provides a lot of support, from water pumps to personnel, in fires across the country.


Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, who stated that they carry out very important works to prevent fires as well as to intervene, said, “Wherever smoke rises, our teams show immediate reflexes and work hard to prevent our lungs from burning. On the other hand, we share the fact that fires are preventable with all our citizens and raise awareness. We raise awareness about forest fires, from our trainees in our neighborhoods to our children attending our sports courses. We closely monitor the work of the relevant ministries and AFAD on forest fires, and try to do our part. We also expect our fellow citizens to support us. Let the fires become history in Buca, so that our lungs do not burn,” he said.


Emphasizing that the directive for mobilization against fire in all green areas of Buca, especially the forested areas, is valid for the whole summer, Kılıç said, “Forest fires are caused by human activity around them, apart from natural causes. In addition to carelessness and negligence, fires can also occur due to stubble burning, cleaning of vineyards and gardens, and garbage disposal. We also give very important support to the measures taken by the Ministry of Interior until the end of August in risky regions. In risky periods, our Police Department keeps watch in the forest until the morning. It has been a routine practice for us for about two months, and it will continue until the danger ends.”

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