EvoLog Logistics Takes the First Step of a Logistics Center to Serve in Çatalca!

EvoLog Logistics Takes the First Step of the Logistics Center to Serve in Catalca
EvoLog Logistics Takes the First Step of a Logistics Center to Serve in Çatalca!

EvoLog Logistics, which is a link of end-to-end supply chain service, opened the warehouse attached to Muratbey customs.

Established in 2013, EvoLog Logistics, growing day by day with its young and dynamic staff, has achieved many successes since its establishment. EvoLog, which is on the path of leadership in all European road transport, expanding its service in sea and airways to the whole world, meeting the demands from the real sector in many fields, especially in land, air, sea transport, storage and distribution in logistics operations, was appointed as Muratbey Customs Directorate in June. It opened the Çatalca Warehouse, which is affiliated to Turkey, into service.

Özer Aydın, EvoLog Logistics Deputy General Manager of Domestic Operations, said, “EvoLog is among the most ambitious players of the sector in road import transports in Scandinavia, Eastern Europe and the Balkans, Iberia and France, North Africa, Italy, Benelux, Germany, Great Britain, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Our new warehouse will make us stronger in end-to-end service. We provide import shipments, integrated stock management, order preparation, return management, value-added services and domestic distribution services to our retail customers in different sectors. We believe that getting Warehouse service in the same facility will increase the efficiency and productivity of these customers. The opening of our new Warehouse was the first step of our 26.000m2 Çatalca Logistics Center, which we will put into service shortly. We are transforming our Çatalca Logistics Center into a full-film center where we can manage both domestic e-commerce and international e-export processes from a single point, as well as our warehouse, our transfer centers where we will operate in the status of authorized sender and authorized buyer. We aim to further strengthen our e-commerce logistics services, which we provide to different sectors, with automation investments.” He made his statements.

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