Equinix Announces Results of its 2022 Global Technology Trends Survey

Equinix Announces Results of its Global Technology Trends Survey
Equinix Announces Results of its 2022 Global Technology Trends Survey

The data of the Equinix 2900 Global Technology Trends Survey, conducted by Equinix with more than 2022 IT leaders around the world, has been published.

Aslıhan Güreşcier, General Manager of Equinix Turkey, expressed his views on the research as follows:

“The resilience of many businesses in Turkey throughout the pandemic seems stronger than ever. According to the research, the technological changes made by companies across Turkey during the pandemic are largely permanent and a solid 57 percent report that this is the case. Also, as the report shows, it is really positive to see that 84 percent of companies in Turkey are making steady progress in both their local and international growth plans. In Turkey, 5G network infrastructure, personal data and privacy rights, and real-time applications stand out as the most important parts of the three-year technology strategy of organizations. The industry-wide focus on sustainability is impressive, but even though 70 percent of IT decision makers in Turkey say reducing environmental impact is a priority for their organization's technology strategy, nearly half of respondents see challenges in achieving sustainability goals as a threat to their organizations. Cyber ​​attacks, security breaches and data leaks stand out as the biggest threats to companies.” said.

84% of IT decision makers surveyed from Turkey stated that their organization plans to grow in the next 12 months. Of the participants who plan to grow, 31% are considering entering a new city, 28% a new country, and 41% considering entering a completely new region.

Within the scope of the research, a number of factors potentially limiting global growth in Turkey were identified by businesses and supply chain challenges stood out as a major area of ​​concern. While 52% of respondents stated that their businesses suffer from global supply chain problems and shortages; 55% described the global chip issue as a threat to their business.

Ongoing supply chain issues appear to increase the need for virtualization. Nearly half (42%) of survey respondents aim to facilitate their global expansion plans by deploying virtually via the cloud, while 15% say they plan to do so using a bare metal solution. In addition, 42% of IT leaders in Turkey said they expect more spending on carrier-independent hosting solutions to facilitate the planned increase in digital deployments, while a larger 54% plan to move forward in digital transformation and build resilience to interconnect services. stated that they aim to increase the investment made.

COVID-19 crisis accelerated companies' digital evolution

The pandemic continues to have a significant impact on businesses' digital strategies as well. 31% of IT leaders in Turkey say they are accelerating their company's digital evolution due to the COVID-19 crisis. According to the survey, nearly half (46%) of respondents confirm that their IT budgets have increased as a direct result of a legacy of insight into the now widely accepted need for robust digital infrastructure to evolve into evolving business needs. In addition, the majority of respondents (57%) believe that the technology changes and investments implemented during the pandemic are permanent.

Other results within the scope of the research:

Customer and employee experience prioritized: Acknowledging that digital adoption is impacting end users, 84% of IT leaders in Turkey said improving the customer experience is a priority. In addition, 80% of companies said improving the employee experience is critical to their transformation journey and talent retention.

The move to the cloud continues: 75% of IT leaders in Turkey said they plan to move more business functions to the cloud. Nearly half of respondents plan to move most of their business-critical applications to the cloud; 79% plan to move their security functions to the cloud.

Public cloud dominance: While public cloud models are the preferred approach for 43% of respondents, nearly a quarter (23%) of digital leaders in Turkey still trust a single cloud provider or none at all. In addition, 39% of respondents believe interconnection increases connectivity flexibility, while 30% report using hybrid multicloud to enable them.

Investing in innovation: Many IT leaders want to future-proof their businesses and take full advantage of emerging technologies such as 5G, the Internet of Things (IoT), and Web3. 79% of respondents said they are moving to everything as a service (XaaS). Of these, 61% cited IT infrastructure simplification, 41% flexibility, and 59% improved user experience as the main reason for their migration.

Focus on sustainability: Digital leaders closely monitor the sustainability of their IT infrastructures while innovating. 64% say they measure the environmental impact of IT equipment and actively try to limit it; 60% stated that they will only work with IT partners that can meet their core carbon reduction targets. 75% say that sustainability is now one of the most important driving forces of their organizations, with commitments to science-based goals.

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