Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Race Breathtaking

Buyukcekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Race Breathtaking
Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Race Breathtaking

The 120th Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Race was held with great enthusiasm in Büyükçekmece with the participation of 4 athletes. In the organization held in 20 categories in total, the athletes competed on the 5-meter track.

The Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Competition, which was organized for the 4th time this year with the cooperation of Boğaziçi Olympic Swimming Club and Büyükçekmece Municipality, attracted great attention from the athletes. While the athletes were transported to the Mimar Sinan coast by boats, they immersed themselves in the water. As the race started with the start announcement, the athletes swim to the finish point, Büyükçekmece Albatros Beach.

In the event, in which 120 athletes participated, they competed in 20 categories. There was fierce competition on the 5-meter track, in which international athletes also participated. Evren Durak in the men's general classification and Sanem Dilek came in first with a time of 1 hour, 20 minutes and 38 seconds in the women's general classification, with a result of 1 hour 31 minutes 36 seconds.

“It gets more attention every year”

Mayor Hasan Akgün, who made a statement about the open sea swimming race held for the 4th time in Büyükçekmece, said, “Today 120 athletes will compete in the Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming races, which we are holding together with the Turkish Swimming Federation and the Bosphorus Olympic Swimming Club. The open sea swimming races, which we have been holding for 4 years and attracting more and more attention every year, witnessed an enjoyable and competitive competition this year. I congratulate our swimmers and those who contributed.”

“We will open Büyükçekmece to international participation”

Bosphorus Olympic Swimming Club President Ahmet Selami Vanlı said, “The Büyükçekmece gulf race is the only open sea swimming race of 5 thousand meters in Turkey. Our program includes ultra-marathons such as Mudanya Bay 12 kilometers, Gökçeada 27 kilometers and Iskenderun Bay 39 kilometers. Necessary studies have been prepared, our file is in the federation. We will open the race here to international participation," he said.

Medals found their owners

At the end of the race, while the athletes passed to the rest area, refreshments were also provided. Finally, the award ceremony was held in the organization. Ümit Kemal Cengiz, who placed 23st (2021:1:1) in the 12st Iskenderun Bay Swimming Ultra Marathon held on October 47, 13, and Emre Seven, who came 2nd (16:02:29), received their cups from Büyükçekmece Mayor Dr. It was presented by Hasan Akgün.

In the 4th Büyükçekmece Bay Open Sea Swimming Competition, Evren Durak (1:20:38), Ali Oraloğlu (1:27:20) and Ümit Kemal Cengiz, who ranked in the general classification, were presented with their cups and medals by the protocol. In the women's general classification, Sanem Dilek (1:31:36), Nafie Kala (2:03:36) and Şebnem Kosova (2:04:24) succeeded in taking the podium. The awards were given to the athletes by the Mayor Akgün and the members of the city council.

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