Enlarge Your Dreams Gives Its First Graduates

Buyut Dreams Gave Its First Graduates
Enlarge Your Dreams Gives Its First Graduates

300 of the 30 students to whom Istanbul Foundation provided scholarships within the scope of the "Grow Your Dreams" project, which Dilek İmamoğlu pioneered with the idea of ​​providing equal conditions for girls and contributing to their education, graduated from their schools. Dilek İmamoğlu, who came together with the graduate scholars, expressed her feelings, “I want to see that our scholars, whose lives we touched with the 'Grow Your Dreams' project, come to very good places in the future and that they also make valuable contributions to the education of girls and ensuring gender equality. I wish with all my heart that this bond of brotherhood will last for generations.” İBB President supporting his wife Ekrem İmamoğlu “Sometimes we encounter obstacles. Our biggest motivation is to deal with or overcome obstacles, frankly, that energy we get from you," he said. Speaking on behalf of the graduate scholars and reading the joint letter they prepared, Bilge Nisa Yılmaz said, “We will never forget Dilek İmamoğlu and the Istanbul Foundation family who touched our lives. Everything will be very nice. We are about to meet again in fair, transparent and democratic days.”

The IMM Istanbul Foundation launched the “Grow Your Dreams” project, led by Dilek İmamoğlu with the idea of ​​providing equal conditions for girls and contributing to their education, in March 2021. The first work that emerged within the scope of the project; The book "Inspiring Steps", which includes the stories of 40 women from the pens of 40 different authors, became the book. On October 11, 2021, the Foundation and Dilek İmamoğlu decided to provide scholarships to 300 female students with the proceeds from the sale of the book. 11 female students residing in Istanbul applied to the project, which was launched on the 'Istanbul Foundation' website between October 21 and October 2021, 4. As a result of the meticulously examined applications, a total of 543 students, 3 of whom are studying at university, were entitled to receive the scholarship provided by the Istanbul Foundation. The Istanbul Foundation held a graduation ceremony in honor of 200 university students who received scholarships from the institution and graduated this year. The event held at the Malta Mansion in Beşiktaş, İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluwas held with the participation of his wife Dilek İmamoğlu and Istanbul Foundation General Manager Perihan Yücel. The event, in which approximately 80 scholars were present, started with speeches.


Addressing the scholars and newly graduated young people with the words “You are the bright face of this country, you are the future”, Dilek İmamoğlu said, “It is very important not only for you, but also for our country, that you get a good education and reach a successful career. Because Turkey desperately needs modern, competent, knowledgeable young people who are full of desire to serve their country. As university graduate women, I also think that we have a separate responsibility. Because, unfortunately, we still have sisters who are not educated, not allowed to participate in social life, and are not employed in this country. It is very important for us to break this mentality and show the whole society, especially these sisters, that women can do any job successfully. Your success as female doctors, lawyers, teachers, administrators, artists, architects and engineers will contribute to a mentality change in society. It will empower girls on their journey to reach their dreams.”


Emphasizing that they set out to support girls to reach their dreams, Dilek İmamoğlu said:

“I also have a dream. I would like to see that our scholars, whose lives we touched with the 'Grow Your Dreams' project, come to very good places in the future and make valuable contributions to girls' education and gender equality. I wish with all my heart that this bond of brotherhood will last for generations. Let's never forget the words of the great Atatürk: 'The torch that the Turkish nation holds in their hands and in their minds on the path of progress and civilization on which they are walking is positive science.' Millions of children of the Republic lit by this torch have never tired of walking in the footsteps of their Father for years, they will never get tired. Together, we will pass on the torch that illuminates the darkness by following the path of science to the next generations. This fire will never go out.”


Noting that she knows that the economic difficulties in the country cause great despair among young people, Dilek İmamoğlu said, “But there is one more thing I know: 'You are defeated when you give up, not when you lose.' We will never give up on our dreams and our goal of a modern Turkey. When I look at your beautiful faces and sparkling eyes, I have no doubt that we will achieve our goals. I thank you all and wish you to live a life where your dreams come true. You all have the power to achieve this. I love you very much,” he said.


Stating that education takes the first place in the "top 10" conversations with his wife throughout his life. Ekrem İmamoğlu He said, “My wife is a person who spends much more time on education, thinks much more, and has such a reflex to take responsibility by worrying a lot about this issue. This is of course an expectation of the general public. But here, we also reserve a special section for girls, our girls and we talk.” Emphasizing that girls are at a disadvantage in terms of education in different parts of the country, İmamoğlu said, “At the end of the day, our daughters are the first victims. This is a painful thing. I see equality advocacy as a human rights duty. In other words, I see it as a human rights issue, without calling it 'gender equality'. All kinds of inequality inflict wounds and damage in society. But providing all kinds of equality is good for society in terms of income, quality of life, but also gender-related processes. This must be provided urgently. Because we desperately need hope," he said.


Noting that he evaluated the "Grow Your Dreams" project within this scope, İmamoğlu said:

“I would like to express that it gives us an excitement to do better works. Sometimes we encounter obstacles. Our biggest motivation in dealing with or overcoming obstacles is, frankly, that energy we get from you. In this sense, I sincerely thank both my wife Dilek and all those who contributed to this beautiful idea, Dilek, who made a great contribution to this and provided it with education. Because they thought of all these beauties and brought them to life. As IMM, of course, we stood by them and supported them. Because the Istanbul Foundation is actually the foundation of the people of Istanbul. It is a foundation that strives and concentrates on useful works.”


Emphasizing that the unequal environment in existence should be questioned, İmamoğlu said, “Many of the problems we experience today really arise and emerge from this inequality. If we are talking about the problems in the economy today, this is the main source of inequality. For example; If you put women in the background, if there are some obstacles to the education of our children and girls, if you create problems, problems related to the promotion of women in business life, mental but physical but administrative problems, if you set stones, if you do not want women to participate in social life, you cannot progress economically, socially or culturally. . It's that clear and precise. But of course, we will not fall into despair. Together, we have to change and transform this mentality. We can do it together. There is no other way to do this,” he said.


After the speeches of the İmamoğlu couple, Bilge Nisa Yılmaz, a graduate of Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of City and Regional Planning, on behalf of the scholars, read the joint letter they prepared with her friends. The letter, written in dedication to Dilek İmamoğlu and the Istanbul Foundation, included the following statements:


“During the difficult times of our country, we would like to thank you girls for giving such support. We would like to thank you and, on your occasion, the entire Istanbul Foundation family for your support for the 2021-22 graduates and more than 300 girls with the 'Grow Your Dreams' project. Although there are difficult conditions for women and girls in the world and in our country, today's girls are the future of tomorrow. We know the importance of empowering and increasing the role of women in different areas of life. We also work for gender equality. We have a long way to go in order for educated, competent women to make their contribution to social life equal with men. We see the book within the scope of the 'Grow Your Dreams' project as a real light when we sometimes give up: 'We do it.' We, as 2021-22 graduate female students, are completing our university journey and will continue on our way with the goal of making a good career.”


“We met with you in this year when we had difficult times economically and socially. We have all faced transparent and unfair processes in different interviews for 4 years. When we look back now, we would like to thank you for the fair and transparent process. From the first moment I entered the door of the Istanbul Foundation, we cannot forget how we were greeted with sincerity. It is very valuable for us that we sincerely embrace each other as if we understood each other immediately. After the interview, when we learned that we were awarded a scholarship within the scope of the 'Grow Your Dreams' project, it was obvious that your life had suddenly changed, even if we weren't aware of it at the time. During this year, our financial dependence on our family decreased and we had another family by our side. When we look back now, we see that we have spent 4 whole years. We have ideals. One day all of us; We will make our country, our city and ourselves proud. We will never forget the Istanbul Foundation family and you, Dilek İmamoğlu, who touched our lives, no matter what stage or position we are in. Everything will be very nice. We are about to meet again in fair, transparent and democratic days. With love."

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