Asphalt Works are being carried out in the old Malatya Hasırcılar Level Crossing

Asphalt Works Are Carried Out At The Old Malatya Hasircılar Level Crossing
Asphalt Works are being carried out in the old Malatya Hasırcılar Level Crossing

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan and Governor Hulusi Şahin examined the works on level crossings carried out by the Ministry of Transport, State Railways (TCDD) and Malatya Metropolitan Municipality.

After the completion of the tube crossing works instead of the stone bridge, one of the first structures of the railway, which was built with the hydraulic structure on the route to Turgut Özal University and the Ferry Pier, located on the old Malatya Hasırcılar road, after the level crossing was opened to traffic, asphalt works are being carried out on the route by the Malatya Metropolitan Municipality. With the works carried out, the road with a single tube pass has been made two-passed as outbound and inbound.

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan, who examined the works carried out together with the Governor Hulusi Şahin and Battalgazi Mayor Osman Güder, made statements by getting information from the authorities about the asphalt works.

Güder: A serious crisis for old Malatya kazanim

Stating that the Metropolitan Municipality carried out asphalt works at the level crossing made with the serious contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, Battalgazi Mayor Osman Güder said, “We examined the works carried out at the level crossing, which was made with the serious contributions of our Metropolitan Municipality. When our Minister of Transport came to Malatya two years ago, we told them, together with our Metropolitan Mayor, that there were serious problems and accidents, especially in the crossings on the railway axis. At the level crossing, our Metropolitan Municipality is doing asphalting works on the road axis. A serious problem for old Malatya. kazanim. The fact that our Turgut Özal University is in this region and that we work on the coastal road together with our Metropolitan Municipality made it important to make the road axis. An important work in our beach project. The thought of our Metropolitan Mayor for many years. When we took office, we said that we need to bring Malatya together with the coast in a healthy way. Currently, our Metropolitan Municipality has brought the work of the 7 km coastline road to the completion stage. We are continuing our beach project. We would like to thank everyone, especially our Governor and the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who contributed to it.”

Gürkan: Our compatriots will be relieved in terms of the road axis

Stating that all four projects submitted by the Metropolitan Municipality to the State Railways were delivered with the tender, Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Selahattin Gürkan said, “The place where the level crossing works are carried out is an axis that brings Malatya and the dam together, and together with our Turgut Özal University, historical places and the city. The area we are in is under the responsibility of highways. It will be transferred to our Metropolitan Municipality in the coming period. We are striving to increase the number of alternatives at the point of road axes in our city, and to create transportation arteries that are both safe and time-saving in terms of transportation and access. We are continuing our planning to bring it together with the dam with the work done, to give both the right and left axis through the coastline, to bring it together with the northern ring road and the northern belt, and to bring it together with the Anayurt boulevard.

The existing structure prevented the road axis and height from passing high vehicles. In this sense, we presented four projects to the state railways, the projects of which were made by our Metropolitan Municipality. Our initiatives with our Ministry of Transport and state railways yielded results. The tenders and site delivery of the old Malatya and Hatunsuyu crossings, Topsöğütün, and Samanköy were made. Hopefully the work will be finished in September. Our citizens will have a healthier access in terms of road axis, traffic and transportation access. Thank you to our Minister of Transport. We would like to thank our General Directorate of Highways and State Railways. I hope the road will be beneficial for Malatya and our compatriots," he said.

Şahin: A very important investment for Malatya

Governor Hulusi Şahin, who stated that the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Selahattin Gürkan made a great effort in all four projects to be made in Malatya, said, “We are conducting investigations with our Metropolitan Mayor and Battalgazi Mayor to witness a moment when the final touches of a very important investment are made and the asphalt is poured. Beyond connecting the two sides of the city, it is a road that embraces the city with the Old Malatya region, where almost all of Malatya's cultural values ​​and historical artifacts are located, and will be the lifeblood of the cultural road projects we have planned in the future. As it is known, the Old Malatya region is a very precious region with its Turkish-Islamic artifacts. We are working with both our district municipality, the Metropolitan Municipality and our Governor's Office to introduce this region to Turkey within the framework of a cultural road project by working with all the elements of this region in a composition. The road completes its missing piece. It is very valuable in this respect. It is very difficult for the State Railways to allocate funds for these expensive works because our general directorate is making huge investments all over Turkey. A large amount of money has been allocated here. It is obvious that our Metropolitan Municipality Mayor has made great efforts in collecting this appropriation. I thank him very much. A total of four railway crossings will also serve the rapid flow of the railway in the city. It is also important in this respect. We see a very successful project jointly by our General Directorate of Highways, General Directorate of State Railways and our Metropolitan Municipality. I would like to thank those who contributed.”

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