'Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts' Started in the Capital

'Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts' Started in the Capital
'Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts' Started in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality brings the citizens of the capital together with “Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts”. The summer concerts, which started with the concert of Hüseyin Turan and the City Orchestra in Çubuk and Gökhan Türkmen in Altınpark, pass like a fair. From 7 to 70, the summer concerts will continue until the end of October.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started summer festivities for the citizens of the Capital to spend the summer months full of music. The first of the 'Ankara Summer Festivals and Concerts' started with the Gökhan Türkmen concert at Altınpark with Hüseyin Turan and City Orchestra in Çubuk district on July 23. Citizens showed great interest in the summer festivities, where the children had fun with their families.


Aiming to bring the citizens of the capital together with cultural and artistic activities, ABB will host concerts and festival programs, which will be held in open and closed areas all over the city, with the participation of famous artists, until the end of October.

The first of the summer festivals, in which many plays were prepared, from puppet plays to clowns, from face painting to competitions, in the fairground set up in front of Çubuk Women's Tavern and Altınpark, was crowned with a concert by famous artists Hüseyin Turan and Gökhan Türkmen.


Saying that he is very happy to feel this enthusiasm in Ankara and that he will hug his fans thanks to these concerts, Gökhan Türkmen said, “There is a very nice crowd, we have pleasant songs. We will have fun together and sing our songs together. We are happy to be here”, while Hüseyin Turan expressed his feelings with these words:

“This is my first time in the town of Rod. There is great interest from the citizens to the concert. I know that especially Ankara Metropolitan works well on these studies, events and activities. After the pandemic, people needed a lot and it was a need for musicians. We are very pleased to work with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality in this way. Thanks to everybody for their exertion. I know the President of Mansur from Beypazarı, he is a very good president in this sense. I take this opportunity to express my love and respect to him.”


Citizens from 7 to 70 who participated in the summer festivities thanked the host Metropolitan Municipality with the following words:

Nur Husband: “An artist we love very much, it's a pleasure to come to their concerts.”

Ceyda Sultan Gül: “We are very excited. I think it will be a good concert. We have a good time with my friends.”

Sabina Tagiyeva: “These festivals and concerts, especially for students and young people, make us really happy.”

Zekiye Apaydin: “We are happy to organize such events. We had the opportunity to have fun with my girls.”

Nazik Yilmaz: “There will be a lot of concerts this summer. I plan to go to many of them. I have the opportunity to relieve school stress with these concerts.”

Hacer Topal: “I love Gökhan Türkmen very much. I am very happy that he came to Ankara. Thanks to these events, we have the opportunity to have fun.”

Faruk Mihmanoglu: “We would like to thank our President Mansur for organizing such an event. We are happy, we are having fun. We also love Hüseyin Turan.”

Murat Demirbag: “I would like to thank Hüseyin Turan for accompanying us with his songs. I would also like to thank our Honorable President Mansur Yavaş.”

Abdullah Demir : “As the people of Çubuk, we would like to thank Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş for this event. We want these kinds of events to continue.”

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