Works Completed on the Project that Will Breathe Bursa Traffic

Work has been completed on the project that will breathe the traffic of Bursa
Works Completed on the Project that Will Breathe Bursa Traffic

One of the projects of Osmangazi Municipality that will give a breath of fresh air to Bursa traffic, works have been completed on Yunuseli Meydan Caddesi.

By connecting the Ovaakça and Demirtaş Regions to Nilüfer, the 600-meter-long, 15-meter-wide avenue, which is one of the most important alternative transportation routes between the north and west of Bursa, will significantly relieve urban traffic.

Yunuseli Meydan Avenue, which was started to be built by Osmangazi Municipality last year, is a very important alternative route that will relieve the vehicle and pedestrian traffic that has increased in Bursa in recent years. For those who want to go to the west of the city from the vicinity of Ovaakça and Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone, instead of using the 2nd Kanal Street via Terminal-Armutköy, they will be able to reach the west of the city via Hamitler Mahallesi by using Akyıldız Street. Citizens using the 3-meter-long Yunuseli Meydan Avenue, which was opened in the area obtained as a result of the expropriation of approximately 600 thousand meters, have the opportunity to reach Hamitler, Geçit and Ata Boulevard via Akyıldız Avenue, Neşet Ertaş Avenue and Gür Avenues, and thus to the west of Bursa without entering the city center. will have achieved.

It will reduce traffic density

Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dundar, who stated that they allocated a very serious budget to transportation as a municipality, said that apart from the improvements made on the existing roads and the construction road works, there are very important alternative roads to Bursa that will relieve the city traffic. kazanhe said they did. Stating that Recep Tayyip Erdoğan Boulevard, which they put into service in 2015, is one of the exemplary streets where infrastructure and superstructure works are carried out together, and the road will not be dug again for infrastructure works such as sewerage, water and natural gas after asphalting, Mayor Dündar said, “It will reduce the traffic density in the city and Another new service to Bursa that will ease the traffic. kazanwe nagged. Yunuseli Meydan Avenue; It has become an important alternative route for vehicles going to the west of the city via Ovaakça, Demirtaş Organized Industrial Zone and Bursa Terminal to reach the west of the city via Hamitler, Güneştepe, without entering the center of Yunuseli.”

Stating that a resource of 5 million lira was used for Yunuseli Meydan Cadde, which will connect the north and west of the city, Mayor Dündar said, "The road, whose construction has been completed and started to be used by our citizens, is 15 meters wide and 600 meters long, and there are pedestrian and bicycle paths on it as well as vehicular traffic. It was a nice service. Good luck to our Bursa," he said.

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