Two New Concerts by Borusan Music House at Museum Gazhane

Two New Concerts from Borusan Music House at the Museum Gazhane
Two New Concerts by Borusan Music House at Museum Gazhane

Borusan Music House, one of Beyoğlu's main music venues, will give two new concerts at the Museum Gazhane in cooperation with Kültür AŞ, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB).

Borusan Music House goes out of its building on Istiklal Street in Beyoğlu. Kadıköywith a versatile restoration project located in kazanThe newly created “new living space” is meeting with art lovers at the Museum Gazhane. LE BANG BANG and LBT will take place in two new concerts at the Museum Gazhane, which aims to make art accessible and will be held free of charge. In June, Borusan Music House provided a pleasant concert experience with Mercan Dede's “Secret Tribe” project as part of the concerts it held at Museum Gazhane.

An unusual acoustic techno experience at LBT “When It's Dark” at Museum Gazhane

LBT is preparing to offer a fully acoustic live techno experience with piano, bass and drums without a computer or synthesizer, on Thursday, July 14th at 20.30 in Museum Gazhane. Putting improvisation at the center of their music, LBT invites art lovers to a world where the sense of time is gradually diminishing, with their latest album, Make Kin, as part of the Museum Gazhane "When It's Dark" events. Betzl, Hirning and Wolfgruber trio will share with music lovers the excellent energy they have created with their intense and familiar interactions at this concert.

Extraordinary duo Le Bang Bang at the Museum Gazhane “When It Gets Dark”

Le Bang Bang will be meeting with art lovers with their new album Pure at a concert on Wednesday, July 20 at 20.30:XNUMX at Museum Gazhane. The new album Pure of this extraordinary duo, consisting of Stefanie Boltz and Sven Faller, reveals the essence of the composition not only with its jazz and pop cover versions, but also with its arrangements. Using his voice as a sophisticated instrument, Boltz captivates audiences with precision and unlimited variation. The dialogue with Faller's booming bass lines, soaring bow and psychedelic distorted voices creates the special character of their music, Le Bang Bang's unique sound. Le Bang Bang is preparing to present different unusual nuances to the audience with different dialogues at the concert to be held as part of the Museum Gazhane "When It's Dark" events.

Borusan Sanat's preparations for the new season have started

Borusan Sanat, which has brought together different sounds and colors of music with music lovers since the day it was founded, is getting ready to announce its new season program to music lovers. During the 2022/23 season, Borusan Istanbul Philharmonic Orchestra, Borusan Quartet and Borusan Music House will bring together inspiring performances of valuable local and international artists with music lovers, and the concerts will be listened to simultaneously on the radio Borusan Classic, broadcast on In addition, video recordings of the concerts broadcast throughout the season and pre-concert sohbetIt will continue to reach music lovers on!


14 JULY 2022 Thursday 20.30


Leo Betzl piano

Maximilian Hirning bass

Sebastian Wolfgruber drums


20 JULY 2022 Wednesday 20.30


Stefanie Boltz vocals

Sven Faller double bass

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