Turkish World Ancestor Sports Festival to Last 3 Days Has Started

Turkish World Ata Sports Festival Started with Cortege Held on Cumhuriyet Street
Turkish World Ancestor Sports Festival Started With Cortege Held on Cumhuriyet Street

Organized for the 5th time this year by Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, the Turkish World Ancestor Sports Festival started with a colorful cortege on Cumhuriyet Street. In the event that will last for 3 days, sports, arts and educations of Turkish culture will meet with Bursa residents in Keles Kocayayla.

Organized for the 5th time this year, with the support of Bursa Governorship, Bursa Culture, Tourism and Promotion Union, Turkish Traditional Sports Branches Federation, World Ethno Sports Confederation, Türksoy and Union of Turkish World Municipalities, in cooperation with Keles Municipality, under the coordination of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality. Sports Festival started with a cortege march on Cumhuriyet Street. Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç, Keles Mayor Mehmet Keskin, Orhaneli Mayor Ali Aykurt, AK Party Provincial Chairman Davut Gürkan and representatives of non-governmental organizations, the protocol members, walking from the entrance of Cumhuriyet Street to Fomara 15 July Democracy Square. greeted the people. The march of the protocol members was accompanied by the Ottoman war music, the mehter team and the rahvan horses association teams. At the end of the parade, the guests from Kazakhstan performed traditional folk dances. The team, which exhibited different figures from each other, attracted the intense attention of the people of Bursa.

Making a speech on the meaning and importance of the organization at the July 15 Democracy Square, Metropolitan Mayor Alinur Aktaş wished the 5th Ata Sports Festival, which was held this year, to be beneficial. President Aktaş stated that root ball, equestrian acrobatics, traditional archery, javelin, wrestling, equestrian archery, aba-belt-shalwar wrestling, karakucak wrestling, Alpagut martial arts and oil wrestling competitions will be presented to the audience for two days. dance performances, traditional children's games, bride-to-be from the mountain region, cradle wedding, music concerts specific to the Turkish world, silk carpet and fabric weaving, wool spinning, Turkish world capitals photography exhibition, live narration of Orkhon Monuments, mehter, sword and shield shows. announced it would. President Aktaş said, “We will remove free shuttles from Atatürk Congress and Culture Center for our citizens who want to participate in our festival. Bursa is one of the largest commercial and industrial cities in the history of the Turkish Republic. But Bursa is the capital of our ancient civilization. It is a city that has 6 sultans, dozens of princes and saints. Bursa is a symbolic city for the Turkish world. With our efforts, Bursa became the Cultural Capital of the Turkish World. Full programs have been organized since March. Thank you to those who contributed to the good work. I invite all our people to this great feast.”

Bursa Deputy Ahmet Kılıç stated that the number of clubs operating in ancestral sports is increasing day by day with the efforts of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality and district municipalities. Inviting everyone to the Ata Sports Festival, Kılıç thanked everyone who contributed to the programs.

Keles Mayor Mehmet Keskin thanked everyone who attended the cortege. Keskin said that they will host the whole Turkish world for two days in Keles Kocayayla, where Orhan Gazi married Nilüfer Hatun and Murad-ı Hüdavendigar was preparing for war, and said that they expect all Bursa residents to the festival.

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