Tips for Making the Right Vacation Plan

Tips for Making the Right Vacation Plan
Tips for Making the Right Vacation Plan

We have a long 9-day vacation ahead of us. The first step to enjoying this holiday, resting and discovering new things is to make a good plan. One of the experts at, Psk. Hakan Kepen shares tips on making the right holiday plan.

As important as it is to work, earn a living and produce something in people's lives, it is also important to have the energy and motivation to do them consistently. Weekly leaves allow the person to gather energy and rest for the week. Public holidays and annual leaves help the person to rest for a longer period of time and clear their mind. This year, a 15-day long holiday awaits us by combining the Eid al-Adha holiday with the July 9 Democracy and National Unity Day. One of the experts at, Psk. Hakan Kepen underlines that it is necessary to make a good holiday plan in order to enjoy the holiday, discover new things and relax.

Determine what kind of holiday will make you happy

Stating that it is the first step to make a list of the best places to go according to one's financial situation before making a holiday plan, Psk said. Kepen said, “When one thinks of a holiday, a nice hotel, more beautiful districts or luxurious places may come to mind. Here the thought of the person is 'I should not deal with anything. Let me know my meal plan. Let the children have a good time in the water park. It can be in the style of "Let me take my vacation without thinking too much". It often means an effective vacation plan and plenty of time to relax. However, it is not always the case that the most beautiful hotel will give people the most enjoyable moments. If the person is curious about nature, can feel more comfortable and likes to explore historical places, a luxury hotel may not make them happy. For this reason, first of all, the person needs to discover which environment he or she can enjoy and to know himself and his expectations in this direction.” This is exactly why we ask ourselves, “What kind of holiday is good for me? Where do I go to enjoy more? Which vacation plan would make me feel happier?” Stating that we need to ask questions, one of the experts of, Psk. Hakan Kepen underlines that if we do this, we will start the holiday by caring about ourselves.

Try not to stray from your routine

Explaining that one of the biggest mistakes made on vacation is to set aside our habits in daily life, Psk. Kepen draws attention to the fact that if we go out of our sleeping habits, meal times, and exercise habits on vacation, it will be difficult to return. "If you break your routine during the holiday, you may feel bad, tired and depressed after the holiday," said Psk. For this reason, Kepen recommends that we maintain our habits and rituals in our daily life during the holidays, and not to go out of our routine too much.

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