Van Sets a Record to Host Sky Observation Events for the First Time

Van, which hosted the Sky Observation Events for the First Time, Breaks a Record
Van Sets a Record to Host Sky Observation Events for the First Time

Queue to look at the sky in Van, the new stop of sky observation activities that bring young people together with space! Hosting the Sky Observation Events for the first time this year, Van broke a record. The event brought together 10 thousand sky enthusiasts from all over Turkey. Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, who opened the Van Sky Observation Event in Fidanlık Park, made sky observations with the participants at night.

Minister Varank stated that 10 thousand sky, space and technology enthusiasts visited the event area and said, “Van is really one of our cities with a bright future. It is one of our cities that has achieved a leap in employment with the investments we have made recently.” said.

Under the auspices of the ministries of Industry and Technology, Youth and Sports, Culture and Tourism, the event was supported by the Governorship of Van, Van Metropolitan Municipality, Eastern Anatolia Development Agency (DAKA), Van Yüzüncü Yıl University (YYÜ) and Turkey Tourism Promotion and Development Agency (TGA), It was completed in Edremit district on the shore of Lake Van under the coordination of TÜBİTAK.


More than 2000 people applied to the Van Sky Observation Event in a short time as a call was made to participate. As a result of the draw, 650 people were entitled to stay in the tents set up in the event area and observe throughout the night. kazanwas. The second and third days of the event were determined as public days and approximately 5 thousand people from Van had the opportunity to observe the sky at 10 different stations in Fidanlık Park.

Industry and Technology Minister Varank stated that he was happy that such an event was held in Van and that the children and their families showed great interest in this event and said, “The figure we received is that there are 10 thousand passes from the turnstiles. In other words, 10 thousand sky, space and technology enthusiasts visited our event area in Van.”


Emphasizing that Van is one of the cities with a bright future, Minister Varank said, “With the investments we have made recently, it is one of our cities that has achieved a leap in employment. Of course, we are aware of the need to bring value-added works here while developing the economy of Van. We currently have a technopark in Van. Here we bring science and technology here with our sky observation event. Therefore, I hope Van will host us in the next events," he said.


During the night, the participants made sky observations in the company of more than 5 telescopes, astronomy and space science experts at 30 different stations established in the area.


During the event, scientists; Other interesting topics such as exoplanets, satellite technologies, stars in mirrors, light pollution, let's get to know the sky, misconceptions about basic astronomy, what is in the sky, asteroids transiting close to the ground, star occultations, space weather, pulsars and black holes, polar studies, etc. made presentations.


In addition to the people of Van, sky enthusiasts from many cities visited the stands set up in the park where the event was held, and the children demonstrated their skills in the Experimental workshops. The people of Van showed great interest in the public day organized as part of the event. Van Governor Ozan Balcı and his wife Sonay Balcı were with the people of Van at the public day.


In the event, a talk titled "Space from the Past to the Future" was moderated by the famous TV personality Pelin Çift. Kadriye Diken, who attracted great attention with her statements at the Diyarbakır Zerzevan Sky Observation Events, also attended the talk.


Kadriye Diken, who shared the video of Minister Varank about her curiosity about space, said that she has been interested in the sky since her childhood. Noting that she came to Van at the invitation of Minister Varank, Kadriye Diken said, “Everyone should follow their curiosity. Places like this are like treasures. Will you find me a treasure in Zerzevan? they were saying. It's my first time in Van. Van is truly an amazing place.” she said.


Explaining that she learned two stars at the event, Kadriye Diken said, “One is a diamond star and one is a dead star. And there is something like a frame around the star, what did they call a ring of fire? I dreamed of these when I was little and my dream came true. I want everyone to dream big and wake up their dreams. A dreamer's dream will come true one day." he said.


The Ministry of Industry and Technology decided to spread the TÜBİTAK National Sky Observation Festival, which was first initiated by the Science and Technical magazine in 1998 and held in Antalya Saklıkent, to different cities of Anatolia. The program, which was held in Diyarbakır last year under the name of Zerzevan Sky Observation Event, will be held this year in Erzurum on July 22-24 and Antalya on August 18-21, following Diyarbakır and Van.

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