The Target in Software Exports is 15 Billion Dollars

The Target for Software Exports is Billion Dollars
The Target in Software Exports is 15 Billion Dollars

Aiming to make Turkey a global player in the digital world, the Software and Informatics Industry Cluster Association brought together 4 companies consisting of representatives of the IT sector on July 160th.

The Aegean Exporters' Associations, which set out with the mission of leading the activities aimed at developing the software and information industry ecosystem in the Aegean Region, hosted the grand meeting.

Ministry of Commerce Informatics Sector Supports Information Meeting Internationalization of Turkish Informatics Sector and E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program details, General Secretary of Service Exporters Union Fatih Özer, YABİSAK-Software and Informatics Industry Clustering Association Chairman of the Board Dr. It was hosted by the Aegean Exporters' Association with the opening speeches of Faruk Güler, Ministry of Commerce International Service Trade General Manager Emre Orhan Öztelli, Service Exporters Association Software and Informatics Committee Vice President Akın SERTCAN.

Hürol KARLI, Head of Information, Software, Digital and Communication Services Department of the Ministry of Commerce, General Directorate of International Service Trade, made an informative presentation on Service Supports.

YABİSAK-Software and Informatics Industry Cluster Association Chairman of the Board Dr. Faruk Güler said, “Digital Transformation and the fourth industrial revolution not only change consumer habits, the entire value chain, especially products and services, but also rewrite the rules of competition. We see that digital transformation has become a mainstream and strategic issue in every sense in our age. While innovation, new business models and technology are at the core of this great transformation, software-based competitive advantage is at the center of all this interaction.

Today, seven of the world's top 10 companies are technology firms (Apple, Microsoft, Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba and Tencent). When these giants are examined, we see that five of them are almost entirely software-oriented, while software has a critical importance in the competitive advantage of three companies. As a country, we have a growing entrepreneurship ecosystem with technopolis investments, R&D, innovation incentives and private sector startup collaborations that have been increasing for many years.

However, we have not yet been able to get the share we deserve in the global software ecosystem. The reason why we are gathered here today; It is very encouraging to see that concrete steps have been taken to strengthen the software ecosystem with support and incentives focused directly on informatics. We believe that every step to be taken towards the development of the software ecosystem will contribute to making our country more known in the production of software products and services and to increase its exports.” he said. ”

Explaining that at the beginning of 2021, the Software and Informatics Industrialists' Cluster Association, whose short name is YABİSAK, was established in İzmir, together with leading institutions, companies and universities, Güler concluded his words as follows:

“YABISAK is an association established to further increase the success of İzmir in the fields of innovation, entrepreneurship, R&D and industry 4.0 in recent years and to make the city a center of attraction where local and foreign companies from the software and IT sector are clustered. As YABİSAK, we carry out studies to serve our members and the whole sector in many areas such as developing cooperation opportunities, increasing education and employment opportunities, accessing finance, opening up to international markets and developing infrastructure. Workforce trained in the sector in cooperation with universities kazanWe are working on a project to climb. Because we know that this sector is a people-oriented developing sector. Access to the workforce needed by the industry is the most essential problem.”

Last year, we exported services worth 58,1 billion dollars.

Fatih Özer, Secretary General of the Service Exporters Association, said, “All our sub-sectors benefit from the support. There is an increase of 10 billion dollars in our service exports. Last year, we exported services worth 58,1 billion dollars. We contributed 25 billion dollars to the country's economy. Software and informatics exports touch all sectors.” said.

We aim to reach 2025 billion dollars of service exports by 110.

Akın SERTCAN, Vice Chairman of the Software and Informatics Committee of the Service Exporters Association, said, “Service sectors are a strategic area. We closed the year 2021 with an export of 61 billion dollars with a growth of 58 percent. We made a great contribution to the country's economy by providing a service trade surplus of 25 billion dollars. We aim to double service exports. Our software exports increased by 20 percent last year and reached 2,5 billion dollars. We aim to reach 15 billion dollars in the coming period. We aim to reach 2025 billion dollars of service exports by 110.” he said.

Internationalization of Turkish Informatics Sector and E-Turquality (Stars of Informatics) Program

Emre Orhan Öztelli, General Manager of International Service Trade at the Ministry of Commerce, said, “We have increased the support items in service exports. We revised Turquality. We have prepared a separate support mechanism package for the IT sector under the title of Internationalization of the Turkish Informatics Sector and e-Turquality Informatics Stars. It consists of 44 support items.” said.

The meeting, which attracted the great interest of the participating companies, ended with a one-on-one meeting and networking event after a long question-answer session.

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