Quota Distribution of 20 Thousand Teachers on the Basis of Branch Announced

Quota Distribution for Thousand Teacher Ancestors Announced
Quota Distribution for 20 Thousand Teacher Appointments Announced

Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer announced the distribution of quotas on the basis of branches regarding the appointment of 7 thousand teachers in the live broadcast program he attended on Channel 20.

Reminding that teacher appointments were made in the last 19 years, Minister Özer noted that this number reached 500 million from 1.2 thousand, and said, “This is one of the main factors behind these successes. We wouldn't be able to talk about these achievements today if the number of teachers weren't so much in the system while education was transitioned to the phase of massification and universalisation. For that, I thank our President very much. Indeed, a very serious mobilization for the increase in schooling rates, as well as the need for teachers to enter the system. kazanHe made a great sacrifice for his salvation. About 75 percent of teachers in the education system have been appointed in the last 19 years. There is also a very serious break in the male-female distribution of teachers. While there were 500 thousand teachers in the education system, 40 percent of them were women. Currently, about 1.2 percent of the 60 million teachers are female teachers.” said.

Özer stated that they gave great weight to pre-school teacher appointments and said, “Although the enrollment rates in other levels of education are at the desired level, I hope we will achieve the desired levels in pre-school this term. In this context, the process of building 3 thousand new kindergartens and 40 thousand kindergarten classes continues very successfully, we planned accordingly.” said.

Özer gave information about the quota distribution on the basis of branches regarding the appointment of 20 thousand teachers and stated that the appointment of teachers will be made in 99 fields.

Özer stated that the top five branches to be appointed in this context will be pre-school teaching with 7 thousand 503 quotas, classroom teaching with 2 thousand 223 quotas, special education teaching with 1.250 quotas, religious culture and ethics with 1.218 quotas, and primary school mathematics teacher with 1.004 quotas, respectively.

Minister Özer wished success to all teacher candidates, stating that the appointments will be made on September 1 at the ceremony to be held with the participation of President Erdoğan.

Indicating that they attach great importance to school investments and teacher appointments in Istanbul, as Istanbul is the province with the highest number of students, Özer said, “We have given 10 thousand teachers to Istanbul in the last two appointments. In this assignment, we will give 50 percent to Istanbul. We want Istanbul to be much stronger. In pre-school, we give weight to Istanbul. We will give 3 of the 1000 thousand new kindergartens to Istanbul.” he said.

For detailed information about the Application and Appointment Announcement to Contracted Teaching Click here.

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