The Number of Electric Vehicles in China Over 10 Million

The Number of Electric Vehicles in Cinde Has Exceeded Million
The Number of Electric Vehicles in China Over 10 Million

China's new energy car market remains high. In June, new energy passenger vehicle wholesale sales across the country increased by 130 percent compared to the same period of the previous year, and the number of new energy vehicles exceeded 10 million.

According to the data released by the China Automobile Association on July 6, the automobile industry's sales volume in June is expected to reach 34,4 million 20,9 thousand, an increase of 2 percent month on month and 447 percent year on year. It is anticipated that 12 million 200 vehicles will be sold between January and June.

According to the estimates of the China Passenger Car Association, wholesale sales of new energy passenger cars across the country are expected to reach 130 thousand units in June, up 546 percent year on year. The emergence of the privileged vehicle purchase tax policy, the optimization of epidemic prevention and control measures, the implementation of policies that stimulate the economy and consumption positively affected the revival of the automobile market.

Experts in the business environment stated that the sales volume of new energy passenger vehicles is expected to exceed 2022 million 5 thousand in 500 and increase by 70 percent.

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