Multi-Storey Intersection Project in Aliağa, Awaited for Years, Comes to Life

Multi-Storey Intersection Project in Aliagada, Awaited for Years, Comes to Life
Multi-Storey Intersection Project in Aliağa, Awaited for Years, Comes to Life

Aliağa Municipality, which has implemented prestige projects in many fields from health to tourism, from social life areas to culture-arts and sports in the last 8 years, has started the construction of the Multi-Storey Interchange (sunk) Project, which will breathe the city traffic in the old garage on the İzmir-Çanakkale road. The project, which was prepared within the framework of the 'Transportation Master Plan' of Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar, which will change the face of the city, is aimed to be completed in 3 months.

Prior to the work carried out under the coordination of Aliağa Municipality Science Affairs Directorate, Aliağa District Police Department teams closed the road between Hürriyet Caddesi's İnönü Boulevard and Government Avenue to traffic and regulated the traffic flow in certain areas. Palm trees on the central median were carefully removed by the teams of the Parks and Gardens Directorate using construction equipment. The palm trees were taken to the municipal nursery in Çaltidere to be planted.

Aliağa Mayor Serkan Acar, who stated that the multi-storey intersection project, which Aliağa residents have been waiting for a long time, will greatly reduce the increasing traffic load in the old garage area, said, “Our multi-storey intersection project, which we have been working on for a long time as the municipality, has started as of today. In the first stage, necessary sections of the street were closed so that the works could be carried on quickly and safely. We have made some rearrangements in certain places to avoid disruptions in city traffic. Our Aliağa Police Department provided serious support so that our citizens did not experience difficulties with traffic flow and the project could run smoothly. I would like to thank every member of our Police Force for their dedication and effort.”


Expressing that the multi-storey intersection project will have an artistic structure in accordance with the urban aesthetics, Mayor Serkan Acar said, “Our project will have a length of approximately one thousand meters in terms of artistic structure. In our project, we first started pile erecting works. We aim to erect approximately 600 piles in our entire project within 45 days. Right after that, we will start the artistic building construction. We want to train our multi-storey intersection project to celebrate the 29th anniversary of our 99 October Republic Day by working day and night. During this time, we will minimize some problems that may occur in traffic together with our safety. I seek the tolerance of the people of Aliağa due to the trouble and noise that may occur due to traffic," he said.


Wishing the project to be completed without incident, President Serkan Acar said, “To our Justice and Development Party Deputy Chairman Hamza Dağ, to our Deputy Secretary General of the Nationalist Movement Party Tamer Osmanağaoğlu, to our AK Party İzmir Provincial President Kerem Ali Continuous. and Nationalist Movement Party İzmir Provincial President Veysel Şahin. I would like to express my gratitude to our Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, our General Manager of Highways and our Regional Manager of Highways, who paved the way for the realization of our project. I wish our multi-storey intersection project to be beneficial and auspicious to Aliağa.”

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