Tezmaksan Started Exporting to 4 Countries with 12 New Cubebox Models

Tezmaksan Started Exporting to the Country with its New Cubebox Model
Tezmaksan Started Exporting to 4 Countries with 12 New Cubebox Models

Successfully continuing its investments in the foreign competition of the Turkish machining industry, Tezmaksan is shaping the future of the industry with its Cubebox, which has the "Domestic Production" certificate developed with R&D and innovation. Tezmaksan, which started the export of Cubebox to 4 countries in the first half of the year with a total of 8 new varieties consisting of different sizes of 12 new models, continues its efforts to take place in 30 different country markets for the second half of the year with its customer-oriented strategy.

Turkey's leader in the machining sector and the second largest company in Europe, Tezmaksan has carried the time, cost and technology advantage it provided to the manufacturing industry with its robotic automation system Cubebox to Europe and North America. The company, which started exporting Cubebox to 4 countries in total, including Germany, the United States, Austria, Czechia, the Netherlands, Sweden, Switzerland, Canada, Liechtenstein, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia, with 12 new models, continues its negotiations for 30 new countries.

Cubebox is in 10 countries in Europe and North America!

Indicating that they achieved their desired goal in the first half of the year with their Cubebox-specific export investments, Tezmaksan General Manager Hakan Aydoğdu said, “We made a new plan a while ago in order to carry the success we achieved in the country with the Cubebox Blues RT, Cubebox Blues DR, Cubebox Soul and Cubebox Vision models abroad. As a result, we determined our export operations with 4 new models and reached 12 countries in total in the first half of the year. Thanks to our cooperation with the leading companies of countries in Europe and North America, our new Cubebox models have started to add value to production in different parts of the world. As we progressed in this process, we analyzed the dynamics of the country and our possible business partners by our experienced export staff. After it was presented to our Board of Directors, we determined the most suitable company and started our negotiations. After answering technical questions with face-to-face and online meetings, we exported Cubeboxes produced with new customer/project-oriented automation solutions.”

New target for Cubebox export 30 new countries

Saying that the new Cubebox models were exhibited and attracted attention at the prestigious fairs of the world, Aydoğdu continued his words as follows: “One Cubebox Blues DR by Inter Plast was exhibited at STOM-TOOL '22 fair in Poland. One Cubebox Blues DR was exhibited by Control System at Hungexpo 2022 in Hungary and one Cubebox Blues DR at Bilbao 2022 in Spain. We get very positive feedback from all fairs. Our distributors recommend us to companies in other countries with the positive feedback they receive from customers. We are currently in talks with different companies from 30 countries. We will continue to be the solution partner of our industry for the success of our country in competition abroad.”

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